Commissaries and Exchanges

Love paying sales tax and full price? Right. Who does? Fortunately, you’ve got a sweet inside deal — the military exchange system, with tax-free shopping and discount goods and services.


Commissary and Exchange – Benefits

Tax-free shopping and discount goods and services sound like a dream. As a service member, they are very real. Find tax-free shopping, great savings and other benefits when you shop at a commissary or military exchange. Commissary. …

Commissary and Exchange – Resources

Most service members know about the cost savings available when shopping at the commissary or military exchange. And the perks include more than just. …

Support and Resources Through the Commissary and Exchange

You may already know that shopping for groceries at the commissary or for electronics at the exchange can amount to significant savings. But you may not know that these stores also offer additional perks like contest prizes, scholarships and family employment opportunities, all while supporting your war-fighter overseas. Check out our listings below for benefits you may not have heard about.


Commissary On-Site Sales

A great perk for many military personnel is being able to shop and save on groceries at the commissary. But some National Guard or reserve service members who live far from an installation can’t use this discount regularly because of the distance.


Getting Settled in the Military – The Essentials

New to the military? That means new surroundings, new digs and new routines. You’ll want to get up to speed on your new living arrangements, rules and ways to get rooted in your new military community.


Veterans & Military Funeral Honors – Benefits

As a veteran, you may be eligible to choose between two GI Bill programs for educational benefits: the Post-9/11 GI Bill and the Montgomery GI Bill.If you served at least 90 days of active duty since Sept. 11, 2001, you may be. …

Moving and Deployment – The Essentials

Before you take off for your parent’s house or go anywhere when your spouse is deployed, consider the wide range of benefits and resources available to you if you remain on the installation, such as the commissary, exchange, community support. Staying put also ensures that your children maintain their routines during this time of transition and don’t experience further disruption to school and other activities.


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Military Spouse Jobs Overseas

You’ve just found out you’re moving overseas. You’re shaking up your world, and new possibilities and experiences await you. Perhaps a new job awaits you, too.

Benefits and Resources

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