Wounded Warrior Programs

The military has specialized wounded warrior programs designed to help the severely ill and injured transition back to duty or civilian life. Each service branch has its own program.


Wounded Warrior – The Essentials

Military OneSource wounded warrior specialty consultations help eligible wounded, ill or injured service members, veterans and caregivers get immediate assistance for a range of issues.


Home Modification Resources for Wounded Warriors

Accessibility can mean different things to different people. It can range from a wheelchair ramp and wider doorways to something as simple as a special doorbell.


The Road Ahead – The Essentials

For their commitment and service to their country, wounded warriors deserve the easiest possible transition from military to civilian life. Military OneSource provides wounded warriors with strategies to navigate the road ahead – connecting them with programs, services and other resources on their journey to recovery. Find the support you need to make the return to both work and home as smooth as possible. While Military OneSource does not provide direct health care services, it does offer information about health care resources and benefits.

Top 10 Questions About Military OneSource Specialty Consultations

Life can throw you a curveball sometimes, whether it's taking care of your wounded warrior, finding a caring assisted living community for your mom or getting your fitness training back on track. Specialty consultations give you the chance to. …

Wounded, Ill or Injured, & Their Caregivers – Benefits

Access to quality care and valuable services does not end when wounded, ill or injured service members leave a military treatment facility. In many ways, the help is just beginning. Military members who have combat injuries or are battling. …

Wounded, Ill or Injured, & Their Caregivers – Resources

Military OneSource and other government agencies provide services and resources to help eligible wounded, ill or injured service members, veterans and their families get immediate assistance for issues related to health care, facilities, support. …

The Road Ahead at Home and Work

As a wounded warrior, you deserve the easiest possible transition from military to civilian life. A severe injury does change the way you live your life, but it does not have to change the course of your career or the quality of your home life.

Casualty Assistance – Navy

This page includes information on casualty and family support services for the Navy. The Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society is a private, nonprofit organization that provides financial, educational and. …

Respite Care for Caregivers

Taking care of a wounded, ill or injured loved one can be demanding. Learn about the importance of taking care of yourself, as well, and explore your options for occasional support and respite care.


At Military OneSource, we have one mission — to connect you to your best MilLife. We’re here to help, with information and resources vetted by the Defense Department. Military OneSource connects you to programs, services and products. …