Communication and Assertiveness Training - Effective communication is a cornerstone in social interactions including in relationships and the workplace. The. …

Communication for Teens

This webinar will discuss: what is communication, understanding emotions, nonverbal communication, communication guidelines, listening skills, hindrance to good communication and becoming a good communicator.. …

Community and Installation

Reach Out and Read is a national, nonprofit organization that promotes early literacy by making books a routine part of pediatric care. The organization trains doctors and nurses to advise parents. …

Connecting to the Community

Joining a community of military spouses gives you a place where you can ask questions, offer support and make life-long friends. Here are a few ideas on how to build your network of friends and fellow military spouses.

Three C’s of Communication

Communication is a life skill that is necessary for success. Good communication will decrease relational stress and increase intimacy for partners and family members. This presentation will present healthy communication techniques during. …

Parent / Child Communication

This webinar will discuss the benefits of effective communication between parents and their children, developmental issues, the basic principles of effective parent/child communication, communicating during conflict and talking with children. …

Communication and Assertiveness Training

Effective communication is a cornerstone in social interactions including in relationships and the workplace. The goal of this webinar is to identify components of communication, roadblocks to communication and how to improve communication. …

Tips to Improve Communication in a Relationship

Effective communication is a top challenge couples face. Fortunately, communication in a relationship is a skill that can be learned and one that grows stronger with practice.


About Joining Community Forces

Community Forces focus the efforts of local providers with a common goal: to strengthen the local military community. Because Community Forces work in communities around the country, they are uniquely positioned to find and consolidate the best local resources, and that means providing better and faster assistance to service members, military families and veterans when they need it.


How to Build a Community Force

Whether you want to create a new community force, join one or improve the community force in your state, you can find what you need to take action.

Community Capacity Building Courses

Two courses provide program professionals, both civilian and military, with strategies and tools to promote positive change in communities and increase capacity within an organization. The modules outline a set of principles and practices with. …

Joining the Military Community – The Essentials

As you settle in, you’ll want to take advantage of the numerous ways to connect to your new military community and neighbors. That means making friends, doing fun activities during your free time, finding resources to learn hobbies and knowing where to turn when you need help.


Coronavirus Updates for Our Military Community

The Department of Defense is working closely with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the U.S. Department of State to provide support in dealing with the coronavirus disease outbreak. Check back for the latest information on COVID-19. We will be updating this page regularly.


About Building Healthy Military Communities

The BHMC pilot is a multi-year initiative that aims to better understand unique challenges faced by geographically dispersed service members and their families that may impact their readiness, resiliency and well-being.


Freelancing in the Gig Economy: An Overview for the Military Community

For military spouses and service members, the growing gig economy provides an opportunity to earn extra income. Gig work also offers flexibility and independence that you may not find in some traditional or part-time jobs. And whether you walk dogs or drive for a ride-booking service, your alternate business may move with you when you PCS.