How COVID19 Changes Affect Training, Duty, Pay and Benefits

Discover how coronavirus disease 2019 restrictions affect the training, duty, pay and benefits of service members and what commanders and service providers can do to help.


What Do Travel Restrictions Mean for Service Members?

The Department of Defense has extended its stop movement order to June 30, and put procedures in place to allow for certain types of travel. The department has taken this action to limit the spread of the coronavirus disease 2019, to protect your health and well-being and to keep the military force effective and ready.


Resources to Promote Well-being During COVID19

With coronavirus disease 2019 taking its toll on service members and their families, leadership and health care providers, these resources can help everyone maintain a positive frame of mind.


Coronavirus Support Update – MyCAA

Just like most organizations, Military OneSource is adapting in response to the coronavirus disease outbreak. See below for up-to-date information about My Career Advancement Account program services and resources: what is new, what has changed and what remains the same.


Department of Defense Strategy for COVID19 Testing and Surveillance

The Department of Defense will begin testing some asymptomatic service members as part of the next phase of its strategy to break the chain of coronavirus disease 2019 transmission and to protect the health of the force. 

How is the Military Protecting My Service Member During COVID19?

The DOD continues to work with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other government agencies to respond to the outbreak and prevent its spread. The DOD offers free resources through Military OneSource. Each program helps with different military-life challenges or seasons.


What Do Travel Restrictions Mean for Military Families?

The Department of Defense restricted all domestic and overseas travel to limit the spread of the coronavirus disease. The department has taken this action to protect your health and well-being and to keep the military force effective and ready.


Request Emergency Financial Assistance if Impacted by COVID19

Service members and their families who have been affected financially as a result of travel restrictions, closures and other events associated with coronavirus disease 2019 can check with their service relief organization to see if emergency help is available


Checking for Coronavirus-Related Closures on Your Installation

Some programs, facilities and services on your installation may close due to the global outbreak of coronavirus disease 2019. There may be little to no notice and no mention of a reopening date. The reason: the secretary of defense has asked installation commanders to take necessary precautions to keep people safe and help slow the spread.


Working in the Gig Economy: Taxes on Self-Employment

Many military spouses – and even some service members – have started a business or side job in today’s gig economy. Being your own employer means responsibility for additional taxes and tax reporting.


How to Keep Family Stress Away While Everyone Is Home

Discover new ways to reduce stress as you and your family spend more time together during the coronavirus disease 2019 quarantine.


Navigating Child Care Changes During COVID19

If you have questions about child care during the COVID-19 pandemic, Military OneSource is available 24/7 to help you find answers.


Health and Wellness Coaching for Teens

Help your teen get on track to good health and fitness. Health and wellness coaching is available for those 13 and older.