How to Prepare for Disasters

Impending disasters can be frightening, and the media tend to increase anxiety levels during each disaster with 24/7 coverage, complete with a theme song and logo. But the best way to combat fear is to gain knowledge and be prepared to take. …

Emergency Contacts for Disasters and Evacuations

For disaster and evacuation emergency contacts, please select your component below and self-account. For a quick, visual guide on how to account for yourself and others during natural and man-made disasters, download our. …

A Children’s Guide to Coping With Disasters

Learn more about different types of disasters and how they impact children. Get tips for how you can help children cope and process feelings after a disaster.

Home Disaster Planning – The Essentials

No one likes to envision the possibility of natural disasters like floods, fires, hurricanes or tornados in their future, nor do they like to think about crimes like theft and vandalism. However, by investing the time now in a little preparation, you can have peace of mind later.


Before-and-After Steps and Resources for Disasters

It’s crucial to understand the steps to take before and after a natural disaster strikes. As many of us personally are touched by such disasters – either directly or with family or friends– it’s important to be prepared.


Recognizing the Signs of Stress in Children After a Disaster

Even the most well-adjusted children may experience stress following a disaster or traumatic event. It’s important to understand how to recognize and address signs of stress so you can help your children cope with their feelings.


Rebuilding Community: Army Personnel Accountability System for Disasters

In today's world of frequent natural or man-made disasters, it is essential to have a plan of action for reducing the impact of such events on Army personnel and their families. The Army Disaster Personnel Accountability and Assessment System, or. …

Program Briefing

A Children's Guide to Coping With Disasters - This webinar will discuss how disasters impact children and what you can do to help them. It will discuss the. …

Emergency Family Assistance

Find out about emergency family assistance so you know where to go to find support and resources if disaster strikes.

Personnel Accountability e-Tutorial

The Personnel Accountability e-Tutorial provides important information on how to account for yourself and others during natural and man-made disasters, demonstrating why following reporting requirements and using robust systems – the Defense. …

Safety and Emergency Considerations

Keep your family and your family member with special needs safe day to day, and learn to prepare for unforeseen emergencies. This session can help you create and exercise safety and emergency plans.

Returning to Work After You Serve

Your experiences in service as a National Guard member may change you in ways you might not recognize until you are back in your workplace environment. With awareness and preparation, you can ease your way back into the workplace.