EFMP & Me Online Tool Empowers Military Families With Special Needs

For families with special needs, the Department of Defense Office of Special Needs Exceptional Family Member Program provides support and resources to help you thrive in military life. Now, the new EFMP & Me online tool, available through Military OneSource, expands and tailors support to help you quickly navigate services, connect with resources and advocate for yourself or your family member with special needs ‒ anytime, anywhere.

EFMP Brand Rollout Toolkit

Get updated Exceptional Family Member Program products and resources. This toolkit is for service providers, military leaders and command who support or influence military families with special medical or educational. …

Exceptional Family Member Program Overview

Learn about benefits and services available to military families with special needs through the Office of Special Needs, the Exceptional Family Member Program and the EFMP & Me tool.

Adults With Special Needs – The Essentials

When you have an adult family member that needs care, services may seem hard to find. But the truth is, individuals with disabilities and their families now have more options to plan for housing, work, finances and more.


EFMP and the Medical Component

Learn about the medical component of EFMP including managing paperwork and keeping up with changes to ensure smooth transitions. Information on organizational tools and other resources is provided.

Education Special Needs and Early Intervention Services

Get info and resources associated with educational special needs, early intervention services and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, including education checklists on the EFMP & Me tool.

Exceptional Family Member Program – The Essentials

Managing the care and services for a family member with special needs is a lot easier with the right support. Get support — enroll in the military-wide Exceptional Family Member Program.


Accessing and Updating Your Military OneSource Account

With the breadth of information publicly available on Military OneSource, you may wonder why you need a Military OneSource account, how to update your password or who to contact if you need help troubleshooting your account. Behind the Military OneSource login, you get access to many tools and additional content.


Office of Special Needs EFMP

The Defense Department Office of Military Community and Family Policy, Office of Special Needs produced the. …

EFMP Support Through Podcasts

Learn about the Exceptional Family Member Program and a podcast series created by the Office of Special Needs — for family members, service members, service providers and leaders.

Spring Clean Your EFMP SCOR

Keeping your Special Care Organizational Record organized and up to date makes it easy for you to use and ready if someone needs to step into your role as a caregiver.


Medical and Education Transitions of a PCS Move

EFMP families may face unique challenges and concerns during a PCS move. Get insight on smoothing medical and education transitions that can arise when moving to a new state or a new country.

Building a Support System

Navigating military life, particularly with a family member with special needs, can be overwhelming. Learn how to overcome challenges, find and use resources, and make lifelong connections.

Preparing for Deployments

Each deployment is different, and every family member may react differently to deployment. Being prepared can ease stress and help you look ahead to reunion and reintegration.

Advocating for Yourself and Others

Learning to advocate for yourself or others takes time and practice. EFMP experts break down the process into simple steps and share plenty of stories and tips to illustrate how you can become a great advocate.


Caring for a family member with special needs can take an emotional and physical toll. Get information about self-care, asking for help and building community.


  Get updated Educational and Developmental Intervention Services products and resources. This toolkit is for service providers, military leaders and command who support or influence military families with children ages 0-3 who. …