Mindfulness During the Holidays

Don’t let holiday stress take the joy out of the season. Find your Zen through practicing mindfulness. Listen to the “Mindfulness During the Holidays” podcast for tips to help you create less stressful holiday experiences.. …

Keeping Joy in the Holidays

The holiday season is a time to celebrate and enjoy family and festivities. While family gatherings, gift shopping and social activities can be fun, they also might leave you feeling overwhelmed. We would like to help make this holiday season peaceful and joyful for you and your family.


How to Be Healthy Through the Holidays

Don’t let the hectic holiday schedule and party foods derail your health, nutrition and fitness goals. Sure, you want to have fun, but not so much you regret it come New Year’s Day.


Caregivers: Finding Peace During the Holidays

Holiday stress seems to begin earlier every year, along with the rushed appearance of the retail store displays. As caregivers with many daily responsibilities, the holiday season can add a lot of chaos to your to-do list. Caregivers, check out. …

Jingle Sells: Saving and Shopping for the Holiday Season

Jingle Sells: How to Deck the Halls, Shop the Malls & Have a Ball. Start planning now to keep the Grinch away from your holiday season. Get tips on buying and using gift cards, the ins and outs of layaway plans and how to avoid fraud related. …

Tips for Military Families to Save on Holiday Spending

The holiday season and spending money often go together, but there are ways to celebrate with your family without going into debt. It’s all about spending wisely. Consider these tips for staying in control of your finances during the holidays.


6 Tips to Reduce Holiday Stress for Families With Special Needs

The holidays are packed with fun, food, festivities and, for some of us, – stress. For families with special needs, the unfamiliar sounds, smells and visitors can sometimes be disruptive. Minimize your stress this holiday season with six simple strategies for keeping your family member engaged and calm. Be prepared and put the fun back into your festivities.


Creating New Holiday Traditions When Your Service Member Is Away

Holidays can feel very different when your service member is away. There are traditions that you’d like to share with them or wish they could participate in. But there are things you can do to help yourself – and your service member – make the holidays special, whether they are stationed far from home or deployed. Sharing old traditions and creating new ones can keep the holidays fun and meaningful, and help you stay connected.


Life Overseas – The Essentials

Plenty of overseas employment opportunities await military spouses. Your installation is the best place to start the job hunt. Check the installation website for job postings. Consider volunteering or working from home as you settle in. You also have options to find jobs in the local economy, but be sure to check the Status of Forces Agreement first and be aware of taxes and fees.

Budgeting Tips to Successfully Balance Your Budget

Learning to balance your budget is a necessary life skill. While it sounds like a chore, once you develop some sound budgeting strategies, you can enjoy the security it provides and build wealth. Plus, keeping sound finances is important for your security clearance.


Relationships – Benefits

Whether you’re dating, newly married or counting double-digit anniversaries, relationships ebb and flow. It’s normal. Sometimes we all need help between the moves, deployments and separations. Strengthening your marriage with. …

Save for College With a 529 Plan

You’ve got the discipline to start saving early for your children’s education. The popular 529 plans are flexible, offer tax savings and are available in every state to start planning for college.


Your Military Service Offers a Faster Track to U.S. Citizenship

Every year, thousands of foreign-born service members and their family members become U.S. naturalized citizens. Learn more about steps to become a U.S. citizen and how you can use your military service to speed up the process and save money for processing fees.


Today’s Youth, Tomorrow’s Leaders

Learn about opportunities and support Family Programs provides for National Guard kids of all ages. The military services offer a wide variety of quality children and youth programs in structured developmental settings on and off the military installation to provide for safe, age-appropriate activities.