Marriage and Couples

Military leaders and service providers can use these resources from the Military and Family Life Counseling Program to help support a service member’s relationship or marriage.


Marriage Enrichment Programs

With deployments and frequent relocations, military relationships can be put to the test. You’ve aced military life. Now can you bring that same strength and sense of adventure to your marriage?

Mission-Based Marriages

You have a vision and plan for success in your military life; it’s time to apply that same perspective to your marriage. Join us for a discussion on key ingredients of a mission-based marriage, protecting your marriage from mission threats. …

Creating a Healthy Marriage

The wedding is over and now the (fun!) work begins. Join us for a discussion on ignoring the myths of marriage, overcoming conflict and how to create a happy, healthy marriage.. …

Make Your Marriage Stronger

Marriages require maintenance and good communication to keep them healthy and strong. Still, sometimes your hard work isn’t enough. You may need the perspective and insight of a professional to guide you towards a solution.


Matri-Money Money and Marriage

You and your spouse can talk about anything and everything – except for dollars and cents! Finances are often an emotionally-charged topic, and many couples avoid it altogether, which can lead to financial trouble. Join us to discuss. …

Making Marriage Work After Deployment

You’ve waited for the day, and it’s finally here — your service member is home from deployment. Once the whirlwind of post-deployment events slows down and it’s just the two of you again, it’s time to check in on the. …

Maintaining a Healthy Marriage During Deployment

This webinar will discuss challenges a marriage may face during deployment or remote assignment. Additionally, the webinar will discuss ways to strengthen and protect a marriage while promoting personal growth during deployment or remote. …

Your Checklist: Questions to Ask Before Marriage

Thinking of marrying a service member? There are lots of great reasons to marry, and some reasons that may not be strong enough for a lifelong commitment. View the questions to ask.


Military service providers and leaders have Military and Family Life Counseling (MFLC) resources available to them: Deployment Survival, When Siblings Deploy and more.


Military Life for Spouses – The Essentials

When you marry a service member, you’ll likely find yourself taking on new roles, adapting to changing schedules, learning different ways of doing things and developing creative ways to compromise.


Strong Bonds: Building Ready Families

Strong Bonds honors and supports service members and families in the Guard and reserve components by providing offsite family and marriage retreats to strengthen your relationships and help you and your family manage the pressures of deployments and reintegration – together.


Military Couples: When Both Spouses Are Service Members

Families where both spouses are service members have a unique challenge. While the dual-military life is rewarding, time apart can strain communication. Learn techniques to help you balance work and family life so that your relationship thrives. Develop strategies for dealing with stress and sacrifice so that your marriage is strengthened by your and your spouse’s service to the country.


Relationships – Benefits

Whether you’re dating, newly married or counting double-digit anniversaries, relationships ebb and flow. It’s normal. Sometimes we all need help between the moves, deployments and separations. Strengthening your marriage with. …

Reigniting the Passion After Deployment

After the months of waiting and anticipation, your spouse is finally home from deployment. Are the flames of passion still stoked? Whether you could use a little more steam or some more logs on the fire, join us for a discussion on reigniting the. …

2012 Active Duty Spouse Survey Results

This survey, conducted every two years, highlights topics important to military spouses, such as education, employment, finances, marriage and life in the military. The results help the DOD shape the programs that support military. …