Personalized Support for Military Spouses

For America’s military spouses, Military OneSource is the place to find practical and proven information and to connect with experts, useful resources and powerful tools for living your best MilLife.


Military Spouse Appreciation Month

MilLife isn’t easy, but you find a way to rock it. During Military Spouse Appreciation Month in May and all year long, we say thanks with free events, recognition and resources.


Spouse Education and Career Opportunities – The Essentials

Military spouses looking for a leg up in their career need to look no further than a Spouse Education and Career Opportunities, or SECO, counselor. These counselors can help at any stage of a spouse’s life, from finding the right school or connecting with employers to starting a business.


Going Back to School as a Military Spouse

You’ve made the rewarding choice to go back to school. By pursuing your education goals, you can expand your job opportunities and boost your earning power.


Understanding Military Spouse Preference Overseas

Military spouses are given certain preferences when applying for Department of Defense civilian jobs. With the help of the Military Spouse Preference program, you can build your career as you move with the military.


Spouses and Partners: Loving Someone in the Military

National Guard spouses and partners play an important role in the health and well-being of their service member. Whether it’s maintaining a household or providing emotional support, being a partner to a service member may present greater challenges as well as greater opportunities to be close to one another.


The Military Spouses Residency Relief Act

Moving from place to place requires a lot of effort and changes. Two laws make it easier for military spouses regarding their residency, voting and state taxes.


Finding a Job Overseas as a Military Spouse

Depending on your individual interests and skills, there are many job opportunities available to you while you’re living overseas. Here are a few things to consider as you prepare your resume and begin to explore what job opportunities await you during your time abroad.


Military Spouse Preference for Department of Defense Employment

Moving doesn’t have to disrupt your career, because as a military spouse you may get preference when you apply for Department of Defense civilian jobs. The Military Spouse Preference program gives preference to military spouses for Department of Defense civilian jobs.


Military Spouses: Find Support From a Peer

Attention military spouses: Whether you’re new to the military community or a seasoned spouse, we can all find some solace in talking with a peer who has been there/done that.


MySTeP Supports Spouses Throughout Their Military Journey

The Department of Defense recognizes the role of the spouse in a smooth military transition, and has developed a new tool, called the Military Spouse Transition Program, designed to bolster your military spouse success at each step of the journey, from the beginning to the end of your family’s military experience.

2012 Active Duty Spouse Survey Results

This survey, conducted every two years, highlights topics important to military spouses, such as education, employment, finances, marriage and life in the military. The results help the DOD shape the programs that support military. …