About the Psychological Health Program

Learn about our goals, our vision, and the leadership team that strives to extend mental health support to the National Guard community.


Guard and Reserves – The Essentials

Joining the National Guard or reserves is a good way to stay connected to the benefits of military life while fully participating in civilian life. Reserve duty is also a viable path to military retirement which can be obtained through 20 years of combined active and reserve duty.

Brigadier General Jessica Meyeraan, NGB

Brig. Gen. Jessica Meyeraan is the Vice Director, Manpower and Personnel for the National Guard Bureau Joint Staff. As the Vice Director, J1, she serves as the deputy to the Director and fully shares in assigned duties and responsibilities for. …

About the Financial Management Awareness Program

Financial services, as referred to in the law, are defined as life insurance, casualty insurance and other insurance; investments in securities or financial instruments; banking, credit, loans, deferred payment plans, and mortgages.


Psychological Health Program Lookup

National Guardsmen and their families can look up their local ANG PHP contacts for access to confidential psychological health services. Learn more.


Reward your Employer’s Support

Many civilian employers are very supportive of the National Guard and its mission. They go out of their way to help guardsmen when they’re called to service – sometimes even providing aid to Guard families – and they gladly welcome guardsmen back to work when they return to civilian life.


Get Help Balancing Your Military and Civilian Jobs

National Guard members have plenty of responsibilities to think about. Worrying about civilian job security shouldn’t be one of them. Get vital information on how to handle both your civilian career and National Guard career.


Eligibility for Confidential, Non-medical Support Services

Military OneSource helps service members and their families be the best guardians of their country, team and family by helping them find information, manage challenges and connect with the military community.

Children, Youth and Teens Service Regulations and Orders

Military programs are governed by federal law, Department of Defense policy and additional policies specific to the branches of service. The below links indicate where service-specific policies that govern children and youth programs in the. …

Laura C. Conley

Army National Guard Spouse Term of Service: 2 Years — Beginning June 2016 Ms. Conley is married to CSM Brunk W. Conley, retired, formerly the 10th Command Sergeant Major of the Army National. …

Veterans Affairs Benefits Available After Deployment

The Department of Veterans Affairs provides a variety of benefits for veterans, dependents and survivors based on active military service. For National Guard members, that means being federally activated to serve, and being discharged under conditions other than dishonorable.

Branch Support

Army Army OneSource This website offers a variety of information, services and resources for service members, their families, staff and civilians, including information on both. …

Civilian Employment Information (CEI)

We know that life in the National Guard can get busy. But don’t let that be the reason you don’t submit your Civilian Employer Information to the Department of Defense. Based on the information you submit annually, defense officials will know whom they can call to active duty without putting civilian jobs at risk.


Information for Non-medical Counseling On-Demand Requests

Military OneSource, Military & Family Life Counselors, Child & Youth Behavioral, and Personal Financial Counselors support is available to active duty, National Guard and reserve members and their families regardless of activation status.


TRICARE Coverage Options After Retirement

When you retire from active duty, National Guard, or Reserve, your TRICARE coverage changes. This webinar will discuss what changes after retirement and what actions you need to take to continue TRICARE health coverage for you and your. …

Strong Bonds: Building Ready Families

Strong Bonds honors and supports service members and families in the Guard and reserve components by providing offsite family and marriage retreats to strengthen your relationships and help you and your family manage the pressures of deployments and reintegration – together.

Financial Services to Keep You Financially Fit

National Guard members and their families face many of the same challenges as active-duty military families. Your Guard status does, however, mean that you face some unique issues, like connecting with the resources you need when you don’t live near an installation and transitioning back to your civilian job.


Family Wellness: Strengthen Your Family Ties

The first support community we join as human beings is our family unit. Service members thrive best with support from their families, and families in turn cope better with their service member’s active participation in helping the family stay strong in the face of unique challenges they face as part of the National Guard community.