EFMP Forms

DD Form 2792, "Family Member Medical Summary," January 2021 This form is used to document a family member's special medical needs and for enrollment. …

EFMP Brochures

The Exceptional Family Member Program Brochure

EFMP Fact Sheets

About EFMP & EnrollmentStandardizing the Exceptional Family Member Program Exceptional Family. …

EFMP Brand Rollout Toolkit

Get updated Exceptional Family Member Program products and resources. This toolkit is for service providers, military leaders and command who support or influence military families with special medical or educational. …

Pilot to Assess EFMP Staffing Tool

The Department of Defense’s Office of Special Needs has launched a two-year pilot to test a new tool that assesses staffing levels for its Exceptional Family Member Program Family Support staff. The EFMP Family Support Case Management and. …

Spring Clean Your EFMP SCOR

Keeping your Special Care Organizational Record organized and up to date makes it easy for you to use and ready if someone needs to step into your role as a caregiver.


The EFMP & Me Tool: A Guide for Users

Introducing EFMP & Me, a tool for military families with special needs to access information and resources anywhere, anytime. Use this step-by-step tutorial to set up your free EFMP & Me account and tailor it for your family. It’s easy. …

EFMP: Resources, Options, Consultations (ROC) – The Essentials

Managing the care and services for a family member with special needs – whether it’s a spouse, a child or a dependent adult – is a lot easier with the right support. The best place to start is to enroll them in the military-wide Exceptional Family Member Program.


Office of Special Needs EFMP & Me podcast series

Tune in to Season 1 of the EFMP & Me podcast series, where subject matter experts share information and resources of interest to military families with special needs members. Created by the Office of Special Needs, sessions include:. …