Financial Planning and Education

Creating a Spending Plan Financing a College Education. …

Legal and Long-Term Financial Planning (Part 2)

Part 2 of Legal and Long-Term Financial Planning covers guardianship, conservatorship, long-term planning and introduces resources/ information for managing and improving financial and legal health.

Legal and Long-Term Financial Planning (Part 1)

Preparing financially and legally for a family member with special needs who may require long-term care or other considerations is critical. Learn about wills, special needs trusts and much more.

Military Families, Plan Now to Reach Your Financial Goals

You have a unique vision of what you want the future to look like. Maybe you want to buy a home, send your children to college or you’re looking toward retirement. When it comes to planning for your “some-day” expenses, they become a lot more attainable if you start planning and saving early.


Taxes — Resources

As a service member or eligible family member, you can take advantage of several resources and services that can make tax time easier. Tap into 100% free tax and financial counseling, secure online preparation and free tax filing, and information. …

Personal Financial Management Counseling Options

The Department of Defense offers a number of financial counseling options for you and your family to help plan and control your financial future.

Financial Services to Keep You Financially Fit

National Guard members and their families face many of the same challenges as active-duty military families. Your Guard status does, however, mean that you face some unique issues, like connecting with the resources you need when you don’t live near an installation and transitioning back to your civilian job.


Financial Counseling – The Essentials

You don’t need to tackle issues like mounting debt or saving for college or retirement alone; Military OneSource financial counselors are available in-person, over the phone and video. Financial counseling gives you an opportunity to talk to a trained professional – one who is familiar with the issues that affect service members – about your questions and receive referrals to services and programs that meet your specific needs. Rest assured, Military OneSource financial counselors will not push products or plans on you.


How to Control Your Debt When You’re in the Military

Take control of your finances by gaining a better understanding of your debt and how to work toward paying off what you owe. Create a plan now and commit to your financial freedom.


Financial Counseling Services for a Secure Future

Financial security at home helps you be more focused and mission ready. To help you be your best both financially and professionally, Military OneSource offers free financial counseling to service members and their families on issues such as budgeting, money management and debt reduction.


Manage Your Money With a Spending Plan

Did you realize that if you have trouble managing your finances, your unit readiness will be affected? It’s true. Money problems affect not only your life, they also affect the lives of those in your unit. How? If you have financial problems, your job performance and your personal life will suffer and you could lose your security clearance. All of these factors directly affect unit readiness.


Save for College With a 529 Plan

You’ve got the discipline to start saving early for your children’s education. The popular 529 plans are flexible, offer tax savings and are available in every state to start planning for college.


About the Financial Management Awareness Program

Financial services, as referred to in the law, are defined as life insurance, casualty insurance and other insurance; investments in securities or financial instruments; banking, credit, loans, deferred payment plans, and mortgages.