Healthy Sexual Behaviors in Children

The birds and the bees. It can be a tough conversation for any parent to have with their children. Rather than avoiding it, prepare early by understanding the childhood stages of healthy sexual growth. Understanding their development stages can better prepare you for “the conversation” and any questions they may ask you about gender, sexuality and relationships along the way.


DOD Family Advocacy Program

Family Advocacy Program (FAP) addresses domestic abuse, child abuse and neglect and problematic sexual behavior. Learn about FAP support & resources.


The Words We Use Matter

Learn what child-focused language is, how it relates to problematic sexual behavior in children and youth, and ways that language impacts families and responses from professionals.

Typical Sexual Development in Children and Youth

Learn about typical sexual development in children and youth, as well as problematic behaviors, the impact of social media, when caregivers should be concerned and the different resources available.

Family Advocacy Program Defense Department Policies

These resources include Defense Department directives, instructions and guidance on family advocacy and child abuse issues. DD Form 2893, “Victim Advocate. …