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Recognizing the Importance of Special Education Law to Families

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The course, “Special Education Law Online Boot Camp,” provided service attorneys, paralegals and Exceptional Family Member Program Family Support providers with the basics of special education law. The five-day, joint-service legal training included lectures, small-group participation, mock meetings and direct collaboration between participants. It was designed by William & Mary Law School faculty through the Parents Engaged in Learning Equality initiative in cooperation with the Navy.

Attendees gained valuable knowledge on key elements of special education that included:

  • Eligibility
  • Individualized education programs
  • Manifestation determination reviews
  • Free and appropriate public education
  • Least restrictive environment placement.

Military parents often have questions on these topics as they move from one installation to another. They find states and school districts frequently interpret these special education responsibilities differently. Parents with questions about their rights within special education should contact their installation EFMP Family Support staff or the installation legal office for assistance.

Visit the EFMP & Me Legal section for tips and resources and create customized checklists for your family.

Learn more about legal services available to special needs military families, as well as other services offered by the Exceptional Family Member Program.

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