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Stand Up for MilKids

Every adult in the military community plays a role in helping military children build resiliency, including those impacted by trauma, abuse or neglect.


This Child Abuse Prevention Month, the Department of Defense asks all members of the military community to Stand Up for MilKids, committing to be a positive presence in their lives so they can grow up healthy and safe. In times of extreme stress, there is an increased risk for child abuse and neglect, so it is especially important to learn how we can support our children and the military community.

When you Stand Up for MilKids, you promise to:

  • Support parents to seek help when they’re feeling overwhelmed.
  • Encourage others to show their support for MilKids and MilParents.
  • Be a stable force for good in the life of a military child.
Stand Up for MilKids

Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect

If you have concerns about a child’s safety, call your installation Family Advocacy Program or the Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline at 800-422-4453. Reporting suspected child abuse is required by law and is always the right thing to do.

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Build Resilience for MilKids

Whether you’re their parent, mentor, teacher or friend, the MilKid in your life looks up to you, and your relationship with them can change their life for the better. Researchers have discovered that the single most common factor for children who develop resilience is the presence of at least one stable and nurturing parent, caregiver or other adult. That is because trust and support from a safe adult promotes childrens’ development of healthy social behaviors and positive coping skills, which are crucial to their long-term emotional and physical wellbeing. That means that when you commit to be a positive example and a steady presence for a military child, your actions literally shape their long-term growth in positive ways.

Want to learn more?

Whether you’re a parent, caregiver, mentor or friend, check out these resources about the science of resilience for ideas of how you can follow through on your promise:


Stand up for MilKids: How You Can Make a Difference

You may question if your presence in a child’s life can really make a difference, but research shows that it can make all the difference.


Month of the Military Child: Celebrating Our MilKids

During the Month of the Military Child, we salute our military children and the ways they help keep our families strong and force ready. Learn how you can celebrate.


Staying Safe While Staying Healthy: Tips for Military Families

Keep you and your military family safe and healthy during the coronavirus pandemic. Try these tips to help you get started and promote safety in the home, particularly for young children.


Children and Technology: 5 Tips for MilParents

Learn how to promote healthy tech habits for your whole family, and improve your child’s safety online.


Teach Your Kids Healthy Body Boundaries

Learn what you can do as a parent or caregiver to empower your children and promote their safety.


How to Talk With Your Child About Sexual Abuse

The best thing you can do for your child’s safety and future relationships is to talk to them. Learn how to establish trust and communicate openly as a family to set healthy habits early.

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We can help you:
  • Find your local FAP
  • Get parenting support
  • Locate an expert
  • Find ways to help
  • Find information on child abuse and neglect

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Recognizing Child Abuse and Getting Help


Signs of Child Abuse

Do your part to keep kids safe and secure: learn what child abuse is, who might be at risk, how to recognize the signs and ways you can help.


How to Report Child Abuse In The Military

Everyone has a role to play when it comes to the health and safety of children. Community members can look out for children by being informed, attentive and supportive.


The Family Advocacy Program

Learn more about what the Family Advocacy Program can do to help keep your family safe through prevention resources, or how to connect a family in need of support for possible child abuse or neglect. Find your local Family Advocacy Program.

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