Meet the Team Behind Military OneSource’s Call Center

Military OneSource call center professional

As the one source to connect you to your best MilLife, Military OneSource provides both a robust website full of information and a call center with a team of friendly professionals standing ready to assist you with any need you have. We’re here 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by telephone and online to help you with everyday life and your biggest milestones. Watch our brief video to meet this dynamic and qualified team of experts and learn about the range of services offered through Military OneSource.

Contact Military OneSource 24/7.

You can get personalized help 365 days a year by telephone and online.

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Non-medical counseling is available to help you thrive

Confidential, non-medical counseling is a popular and proven service among service members and their families. Our counselors know military life, so they understand your challenges and how to help. We provide marriage and relationship counseling, parent and child counseling, sessions to ease deployment adjustment and other kinds of support to help you thrive at work and home. Support is just a call or click away. We provide counseling sessions face-to-face, by phone, online chat or secure live video.

Other popular services

At Military OneSource, we provide specialty consultations and other services to help service members and their families, including:

  • Tax and financial counselors who can help you prepare your taxes or assist with budgets, debt counseling or buying a new home.
  • Health and wellness coaches who support you with your healthy living goals and stress reduction.
  • Our peer support service, which provides opportunities for active-duty, National Guard and reserve members and military spouses to speak with someone who has been there, done that.
  • Relocation assistance to help you master your next PCS.
  • Assistance on elder care, adoption, special needs, education and career goals, relocation and more.

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Who’s Eligible?

All active-duty, National Guard and Reserve Component service members regardless of activation status, recently separated service members, military families and survivors have access to Military OneSource resources anywhere in the world at no cost. Services are available by phone and online. Learn more about eligibility.

Look inside

Learn more about the range of services offered by Military OneSource. Our team of professionals is here to meet your needs. For more information, call Military OneSource at 800-342-9647. Click here for OCONUS calling options.

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Military OneSource Live Chat

Hands on keyboard.

Technology is on your side when it comes to getting the information you need. Instead of spending hours online researching articles, check out the live chat feature on the Military OneSource website. You type in your question and receive a quick response with the information you need. Live chat makes the existing Military OneSource services even easier to access.

Easy access

Service and family members can begin live chats on Military OneSource from their computers or on the go from their smart phones or tablet devices. Military OneSource live chat conveniently provides military families with information when and how they want it. Quick and personalized information is available 24/7/365 from a trained Military OneSource consultant.

If your office or house is too noisy for calls, or you don’t feel like speaking with anyone after a full day, live chat is a convenient way for you to discover all that Military OneSource offers.

Contact Military OneSource 24/7

You can get personalized help 365 days a year by telephone and online.

Overseas? See OCONUS calling options.

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How does online live chat work?

  • Scroll to the top of any Military OneSource page
  • Find the comment bubble icon on top right, and click on it
  • Click Continue
  • Type in your question — it’s as simple as that

Our live chat works just like you’d expect it to. Both you and your Military OneSource consultant can see when the other one is typing, so you will know when the consultant is sending info your way.

Depending on the nature of your question and what services you request or require, the consultant will help in one of the following ways:

  • Provide you with the information you requested
  • Invite you to call the Military OneSource toll-free number at 800-342-9647 for additional services such as specialty consultations
  • Refer you to other appropriate services with a warm hand-off to the other provider

Live chat topics

Live chat provides you with personalized information and resources beyond what you find on the Military OneSource website. A Military OneSource consultant can suggest the best resources for you on topics including:

  • Parenting, adoption and family
  • Single life, marriage or relationships
  • Child care programs and respite care
  • Children or adults with special needs
  • Caregivers and wounded warriors
  • Language interpretation and document translation
  • Deployment, relocation and transitions
  • Morale, Welfare and Recreation
  • Commissaries and exchanges
  • Disaster preparedness

Live chat also gets you quick answers to questions regarding confidential help including the following:

  • Specialty consultations (adoption, education, elder care, health and wellness coaching, peer-to-peer, special needs and wounded warrior)
  • Non-medical counseling (improving relationships at home and work, stress management, adjustment difficulties, parenting, marriage problems, or grief and loss)
  • Interactive tools and services (document translation, financial counseling, free tax service, language interpretation, and Spouse Education and Career Opportunities counseling)

Grab your smart phone or tablet device and let a Military OneSource consultant assist you. Live chat us today.

EFMP & Me Online Tool Empowers Military Families With Special Needs

mother holding little girl with special needs on her back

For families with special needs, the Department of Defense Office of Special Needs Exceptional Family Member Program provides support and resources to help you thrive in military life. Now, the new EFMP & Me online tool, available through Military OneSource, expands and tailors support to help you quickly navigate services, connect with resources and advocate for yourself or your family member with special needs ‒ anytime, anywhere.

Designed for military families with special needs ‒ with the caregiver in mind ‒ EFMP & Me can be used by both families enrolled in EFMP and those who are eligible to enroll. The website also gives EFMP Family Support providers and military leaders another tool to guide families to the resources they need.

Ways EFMP & Me puts you in charge

EFMP & Me can be used on any computer or mobile device – so you always have information and resources at your fingertips:

  • Help understanding and finding medical and educational resources
  • Step-by-step support for EFMP enrollment, PCS preparation, deployment and other military life moments
  • Convenient 24/7 access to EFMP resources and services from a range of programs.

Begin using the tool by answering a few questions on the homepage. Then, you can select the categories that reflect your needs and interests, including:

  • About EFMP and Enrollment
  • Child Care
  • Education
  • Medical
  • Deployment
  • Accessibility and Housing
  • PCS
  • Family and Community Life
  • Separation and Retirement
  • Long-Term Financial Planning

The tool lets you choose from the checklists available in each category. Each checklist can be expanded to display related tasks, tips, programs and other resources. Tips often include links to helpful resources outside of the tool. If you are logged in, you can save your progress on a checklist, return to it another time, or download a PDF of the checklist.

You do not need a Military OneSource account to use the tool. However, an account allows you to save your checklists and return to them anytime. Follow the directions on the homepage to log in or create an account.

You can also use EFMP & Me to sign up for the quarterly Exceptional Advocate eNewsletter, a publication for families with special needs, to contact EFMP Family Support staff, or to learn more about how the program can help you and your family.

EFMP & Me enhances and supplements the services of the Exceptional Family Member Program Family Support, which are available to families at their nearest installation office. EFMP serves families by making sure special needs are considered during assignments and by easing access to assistance wherever families are.

Elder Care Support Programs

The hands of an elderly woman being held by younger hands.

In your role as guardian to an aging loved one, you may have heard about two programs that can reduce healthcare costs and stabilize an aging parent – The Department of Veterans Affairs Aid and Attendance benefit and Medicaid waiver programs.

A free, confidential call to a Military OneSource elder care consultant can help you better understand eligibility and benefits for your loved one.

Can I apply for the Aid and Attendance benefit for veterans?

The Veterans Affairs Aid and Attendance benefit:

  • Helps with the costs of a variety of health care services including home care or care within a facility.
  • Is paid to veterans who served at least one day during a time of war and who are already collecting a compensation or pension.
  • Is also paid to surviving spouses of eligible veterans.

If you’re eligible, you can apply for the Aid and Attendance benefit at your regional Veterans Affairs office.

Contact Military OneSource 24/7.

You can get personalized help 365 days a year by telephone and online.

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About Medicaid waiver programs

Medicaid waiver programs are available to senior citizens and adults with disabilities. Each state has a different name for its Medicaid waiver program, but many programs are generally known as home- and community-based services, or waivers.

Coverage and eligibility requirements vary from state to state. Elder care consultants can help you understand the benefits and eligibility where you live and can guide you through the application process.

Services and support provided through Medicaid waiver programs include:

  • Home modifications
  • Durable medical equipment
  • Caregiver support programs
  • Transportation serices
  • Respite care
  • Personal emergency reponse systems
  • Home-delivered meals
  • Case management
  • In-home care or care within a facility

Program services are typically available for:

  • Senior citizens
  • Adults with physical, mental or developmental disabilities
  • Persons with traumatic brain injuries

VA Aid and Attendance benefit and Medicaid waiver programs are two of many resources available to help you care for an aging loved one. Connect with a Military OneSource elder care consultant to determine the best plan and benefits for you and your family.

Call 800-342-9647 today to schedule your free, confidential consultation. OCONUS/International? View calling options.