Casualty Assistance e-Tutorials

Three courses provide an overview of key survivor benefits and resources available for surviving families, including the Death Gratuity Benefit, a critical financial resource to survivors of service members who die on active duty, as well as programs to assist with the final move. Also discussed are ways to stay connected to the military community and get support after you’ve moved off the installation.

Learn more about each of the Casualty Assistance courses below.

Surviving Family Members: Investigations Involving the Death of a Loved One

View this eTutorial for general information about investigations that may be conducted after accidents or incidents that involved the death of a loved one and the information provided to the primary next of kin upon request.

Surviving Spouses: Making the Final Move

Making that final military move without your service member may seem overwhelming. Use this e-tutorial to better understand the process and benefits available to you as you prepare to make the final steps in your relocation.

Completing the DD93

Learn about the Death Gratuity benefit and what it means to you and your loved ones. In this course, you'll learn about the benefit that provides immediate funds to designated survivors when a military service member dies on active duty.