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Courses for Service Members During PCS

Moving can be an exciting time for service members and their families. The online courses below can help you navigate the different aspects of your PCS move. Learn how you can:

  • Prepare for the financial side of your move with professional, financial and educational resources.
  • Discover what’s available for your family at your new location.
  • Make sure your child with special needs gets comparable education services wherever you go.
  • Adapt to the changes a move brings with increased mental flexibility.
  • Support your career goals and job search as you move.
  • Become a savvy sponsor.

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These courses support the mind, home, career and finance areas of your MilLife.

The following MilLife Learning courses are designed to support you during your PCS experience. Review the descriptions below and start taking these courses today.

Money and the Move

couple working on computerMoving can be a stressful part of military life, whether you’re relocating or making your final move. Use this course to help learn useful information to make your move easier on both yourself and your family. Learn what to expect, the costs (both obvious and hidden), and what opportunities the military provides to assist you with your move.

Length: 45 minutes

Sponsorship and You: Sponsorship Awareness

Family with moving boxesAre you moving? Have a sponsor? Learn about what resources would be most helpful for you and your family. This course has resources for everyone moving in the military, whether you are moving with a family, a pet, an exceptional family member or just yourself.

Length: 90 minutes

Moving With an Individualized Education Program

Father reading with son on tabletIf your child has an Individualized Education Program, you might worry about getting the same accommodations when you move. Learn how to help make sure your child gets comparable services wherever you go.

Length: 20 minutes

Special Operations Cognitive Agility Training

SOCAT logoLife in any family has its ups and downs, and the demands of change can be overwhelming. This course will help you enhance your mental flexibility, so you can better adapt to life changes and live your best MilLife.

Length: 3 hours

LinkedIn Basics for Military Spouses

woman working on computerLinkedIn is a great tool for anyone looking to network, showcase their experience or search for new opportunities. If you’re looking to advance your career, this course can assist you in meeting your education and career goals.

Length: 20 minutes

eSponsorship Education and Training, or eSAT

Screenshot of MilLife LearningAre you a service member looking to help people transition to a new duty station? Use this course to learn about the tools and resources to help you sponsor a newcomer’s move.

Length: 2 hours

Installation Program Directory

Find programs and services at your local installation.