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How to Be a Good Military Sponsor - eSponsorship and Sponsorship Awareness Training

eSponsorship & Sponsorship Awareness Courses

Two modules deliver the information and resources you need to be a good sponsor and ensure your newcomer’s successful move. The courses present an overview of the sponsorship process and lessons on how to ease the transition of service members and their families to a new working and living environment.

Learn more about each of the eSponsorship and Sponsorship Awareness courses below.

eSponsorship Application & Training (eSAT)

Are you a service member looking to help people transition to a new duty station? Use this course to learn about the tools and resources to help you sponsor a newcomer's move. For more resources, visit eSAT Tools.

Length: 90 minutes
Audience: Military service members

Sponsorship Awareness for Families

Are you a family member of a service member? Use this training to learn why the sponsorship process might be worth your while, and how you can take part in it.

Length: 90 minutes
Audience: Family members

eSponsorship Course Resources

The following resources are designed as tools and examples of correspondence you might use during the sponsorship process.