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The Sponsorship and You: Sponsorship Awareness and eSponsorship Courses

Permanent changes of station can be a challenge in military life, and getting settled after a move can be an adventure. Let the military sponsorship program help make your transition as easy as possible.

Sponsors are trained service-members who help newcomers settle in to a new duty station. Sponsors are available to all military families, no matter where you are moving. They are assigned through your unit, and usually have the same rank and family status as you do, so they can more easily understand your particular needs and help you get settled.

Military OneSource provides the following two training courses to help you take advantage of the sponsorship program.

Sponsorship and You: Sponsorship Awareness course

If you are a service member or spouse getting ready to PCS, the Sponsorship and You: Sponsorship Awareness course can help you understand the sponsorship program, and learn about the resources available to help make your move as easy as possible.

The Sponsorship and You: Sponsorship Awareness course is a magazine-style format that allows you to choose topics and articles that most interest you. The course highlights resources to help prepare your family for your move. It includes tips for filing taxes, navigating healthcare changes, connecting to local services and more.

The Sponsorship and You: Sponsorship Awareness course is free and available 24/7 through MilLife Learning. Log in to an existing account, or register for a new account by following this Getting Started Quick Reference Guide.


eSponsorship Application and Training course

If you are a service member interested in becoming a sponsor, the eSponsorship Application and Training, or eSAT, course provides the information and resources you need to become a sponsor and help other service members have a successful move.

The eSAT course teaches through a game format of five challenges or “missions” that each unlock a military coin. Each challenge is a realistic scenario that lets users guide service members through a permanent change of station move. You need to score 85% or higher to complete each challenge. Once you have completed all five challenges, you can download a certificate.

The eSAT course also offers experienced sponsors an opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and earn their certificate at the very beginning of the course. With a score of 85%, users can earn their coins and opt out of the rest of the course.

The eSAT course supplements service-specific training requirements your service may have for sponsorship, so be sure to check for those guidelines.

Access the eSAT course 24/7 through MilLife Learning. Watch this video for help finding and launching courses.


eSponsorship Course Resources

The following resources are designed as tools and examples of correspondence you might use during the sponsorship process.

Installation Program Directory

Find programs and services at your local installation.