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USS New York heads out for a commission

Are you in the Guard or Reserves?

It's never too early to think about the future. In 2018, the new modernized retirement system goes into effect. As a member of the Reserve Component, what does this mean for you and your family?

Service member eating with his family

Like Clockwork

Kids appreciate a well-oiled routine (despite the occasional bedtime meltdown). Help your kids feel safe and secure even in new situations with a familiar routine.

A woman sitting at a desk receiving help from a consultant.

Education Questions Answered

Education doesn’t have to be confusing, even with the transfers and school-specific guidelines you or your military kids might be juggling. Call on a Military OneSource education consultant to help.

Woman standing next to a file cabinet

Improving an Exceptional Program

Catch what's happening to improve the Exceptional Family Member Program.

Service member reading a book

It’s Not an Expense, It’s an Investment

The soaring cost of education can be intimidating, but when you consider the long-term rewards, the benefits trump the price tag. In the short term, see how you can find funding to get started.

Confidential Help With any Aspect of Military Life

Military OneSource provides our service members with non-medical counseling, which helps families tackle the challenges military life presents. Learn more about what's available.


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