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United States Air Force

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Military One Source Air Force portal is to support and maintain mission readiness by assisting individuals and families with adaptation to the challenges and demands of expeditionary operations and the military lifestyle using social media tools with one simple click. To locate Department of Defense policies, procedures, timely articles, cutting edge social media tools, and support, explore Military One Source.


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Air Force News

This week's photos feature Airmen from around the globe involved in activities supporting expeditionary operations and defending America. This weekly feature showcases the men and women of the Air Force.

No two careers are identical, but for enlisted Airmen, past and present, there is one place that connects us all -- basic military training.   For the past 67 years, many have entered into what is now known as Joint Base San Antonio – Lackland, Texas, only to be transformed into Airmen of the world’s greatest Air Force; carrying with them the core values of integrity, service and excellence.

As we celebrate the Air Force’s 67th birthday, we talk of how far we’ve come and look ahead to what the future holds, but it’s just as important to look at where we’ve been. The story of women in the military, specifically the Air Force, parallels that of the Air Force itself. In fact, for women pilots and early women Airmen, their history dates back five years before the Air Force officially became a separate service.

The Air Force's dominance in the skies, space and cyberspace is the backbone of the military's global reach and U.S. commitments around the world, a senior Defense Department official said Sept. 17.

Chief Master Sgt. of the Air Force James A. Cody discussed the force’s way forward at the 2014 Air Force Association’s Air & Space Conference and Technology Exposition here Sept. 17.