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August 2016

Countdown to the New School Year

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Prepare your child for the new school year with a plan to get ready, set and going for it, from school-supply buying to cool-clothes shopping. Get him or her to help you make the to-do list and tackle it to redirect all that energy at summer's end into something exciting for school's beginning.

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At Your Service

Same Care Across the Services

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Learn how the Department of Defense is standardizing the Exceptional Family Member Program, so families with special needs have the same access to services across the military branches. From standard forms to staff credentials, the initiative is designed to take care of your family, wherever you are.

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Recommended Resources

Ready to Take Your Call

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Families with special needs sometimes have questions they need answered. That's where Military OneSource specialty consultants come in, 24/7/365. Hear from one specialty consultant about how she and her team help families resolve concerns and empower them to take care of their loved one.

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Moving Made Easy

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Make one phone call to TRICARE to ensure continuous care of your family's special medical needs when you move. No forms, no waiting, just make one call. That's how easy TRICARE has made transferring your prime enrollment, so you can spend less time transitioning and more time enjoying life.

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Eat Well, Play Well, Live Well

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Change a few things in your (or your family's) daily exercise and nutrition habits, and research shows you can change the rest of your life. Consider these tips on eating better and staying fit to reduce the risk of health problems, such as obesity, and live a happier, healthier life.

Awareness Spotlight
Person receiving an immunization injection in the arm


Person receiving an immunization injection in the arm

Read up on immunizations to protect the health of your family now and down the road. Take advantage of the National Immunization Awareness Month resources this September. Find timely vaccinations for all ages, from infants to adults, and rest assured you've got this covered.

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Exceptional Video

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Watch the recently updated video on the Exceptional Family Member Program and get key program details and more in under seven minutes. Hear from families the program has helped, and understand all the ways the program continues to help military families with special needs.

For Service Providers
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For Service Providers

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Catch the recent overhaul of the Service Provider and Leaders pages on Military OneSource for better access to the resources you need. Find it all more easily, from information papers to points of contact, to facilitate your efforts in assisting families with special needs.

OCONUS Directory Update

Find equivalent education services for your child in schools overseas with the revised OCONUS Directory.

Ready for Disaster

Ensure your family is safe when disasters strike. Learn what to include in your family's emergency kit.

School Concerns?

A specialty consultant can help you effectively discuss your concerns with your child's teacher.

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Home School Things

Did You Know?

Find all the home-schooling activities and resources your family needs on your installation and in your community.

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What You're Saying

What You're Saying

"Navigating the maze of benefits was overwhelming. ... now I have answers!"

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Fact Sheet on the Act

Get the latest on the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act to learn about education opportunities.

Seeking Tutor

Boost your child's confidence and learning with a tutor to help him or her rise to a new grade level and shine. 

Special Needs Products

Check out the latest Military OneSource products for families with special needs to inform and support your family.


Find programs and services at your local installation.

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