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June 2015
Military OneSource Feature

Tips for a Healthier Lifestyle

Service member at farmers market

You probably know that a healthy lifestyle includes a nutritious diet, regular exercise and plenty of sleep.

But how are you doing with these key requirements for your best health?

(Get tips.)

Family-to-Family Health Information Centers

Family at display table at health fair

Finding resources to help a family member with special needs can take a lot of effort. With so much information out there, it's often hard to know where to start. Family-to-Family Health Information Centers are nonprofit organizations familiar with the health-related services and programs available to individuals with special needs. Find your local center and connect with personalized tools for your family.

Morale, Welfare and Recreation Survey Results

Service members playing flag football

Active-duty service members have given their read on Morale, Welfare and Recreation programs, and the library ranks number one. Survey participants rated customer service, operation hours, facility conditions and quality of service for nine different programs. (See where your favorite Morale, Welfare and Recreation programs ranked in 2014.)

Find Some Fun on Your Move

Young girls playing on beach

Your summer road trip doesn't have to be boring.

Take time out to visit the world's largest ball of twine or, better yet, take advantage of all budget-friendly options available to military service members and their families.

Find ideas the whole family will love.



The sun is setting on Sittercity. The Department of Defense contract with the online care-provider resource expires July 31, 2015.

Beginning Aug. 1, military families will no longer have no-cost memberships to Sittercity's premium service or access to the database, but will still enjoy discounts on the Sittercity website. Find out what you need to know.

Summer Fun for Teens

Lifeguard watching someone jump in pool

Your teen is probably even more ready for summer than you are — the chance to relax, hang out with friends and earn some cash. Your older teens might also be looking for experiences that will make them look even better on those college applications. Help your teen make the most of the summer months with Morale, Welfare and Recreation facilities and activities, which you can learn about by reading "Installation Fun for Teens: Summer."

Men packing moving truck

9 Relocation Assistance Programs to Help You Settle In

Men packing moving truck

Whether this is your first move or your fifth, you'll breathe a sigh of relief when you get to your new duty station and realize you've got a helping hand.

Young girl blowing bubbles

Transitioning to a Summer Routine

Young girl blowing bubbles

Summer is a break from the structured school year, but don't toss that schedule out the window just yet. Your child with special needs may still benefit from a daily routine. Make a smooth transition from school year to summertime with Military OneSource.

Service member holding puppy

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Service member holding puppy

Post-traumatic stress disorder can disrupt lives for years after a frightening event, but remember that PTSD is treatable. June 27 is PTSD Awareness Day — part of PTSD Awareness Month. Explore causes, symptoms and treatments to start on your path to well-being today.

Young girl reading to dog

Keeping Your Child Healthy and Engaged Over the Summer

Young girl reading to dog

School's out for summer, but learning doesn't have to stop just because the final bell has rung. Avoid the summertime brain drain and help your child find creative ways to learn something new every day.

The Exceptional Advocate

For Your Family Member With Special Needs

The Exceptional Advocate

The Exceptional Advocate is an eNewsletter for military families with special needs and those who support them. Published bimonthly, the eNewsletter focuses on updates and information from the Exceptional Family Member Program. Subscribe today.

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New eSAT

Did You Know?

There's an all-new Electronic Sponsorship Application and Training — or eSAT. Check it out today.

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From Military OneSource

Ninety-six percent of participants reported satisfaction with Military OneSource health and wellness coaching during fiscal 2014.

Red, White and Blue

Celebrate national pride on June 14 with the U.S. Army's 240th birthday and Flag Day.

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What You're Saying

What You're Saying

"My health and wellness coach is amazing. She encouraged confidence, realistic goals and focus."

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Blue Star Museums

Did You Know?

More than 2,000 Blue Star Museums offer no-cost access to active-duty service members and their families from Memorial Day through Labor Day.

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Blog Brigade

Whether your next adventure is a cross-country move or just a summer day trip, stay safe and cool.

Military OneSource Tip

Help your child get into the new-school groove before you even move. Try the Youth Sponsorship Program.

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MWR Libraries

Did You Know?

You have access to a library that's never closed. Explore MWR online libraries and find something for everyone.

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Space-A Travel

Did You Know?

Don't just daydream about faraway places — visit them using Space Available travel.

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Monthly Focus

June is a time for relaxation and outdoor fun. Check out these tips for having fun and being safe in the summer.