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March 2015
For Leaders/Command

New Convenient Option for Non-Medical Counseling

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With the flurry of activities that come with family and military life, it is tough to find the time for important counseling services. Military OneSource understands this and now offers confidential non-medial counseling sessions with a new video option, at no cost. Informed leaders can provide crucial referrals and support for their service members and their families.

(Read more about the new video option.)

Military OneSource Feature

Cope Well With a Permanent Change of Station

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Each summer, roughly one-third of military service members and their families make a PCS move. Even seasoned movers can struggle with the stress of adjusting to another duty station. Coping well with change is a process rather than an event that requires patience, acceptance and awareness of how you think about change.

(Learn to cope well with change.)

Military OneSource's Tax Service

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The clock is ticking down to April 15, the tax-filing deadline. Use your remaining time and money wisely. Make an appointment with a Military OneSource trained tax consultant and use the secure, online tax preparation and filing service. Both no-cost services provide military-specific tax benefit information to help you get the most out of your tax refund. Visit the Military OneSource Tax page for more information.

DoD Launches Child Care Website to Ease Moving Transitions


The Defense Department has launched a new child care website. is an online resource to help military families find an array of military-operated and military-subsidized child care options for children between the ages of 4 weeks and 12 years.

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Networking and Self-Marketing Bring Job Search Success

Women at job fair

Take the right steps to market yourself and you could land your next dream job. Learn ways to take advantage of networking opportunities by reading "Networking and Self-Marketing Bring Job Search Success."

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10 Tips for Getting Organized Before Your Next Move

Couple packing boxes

You don't have to feel frazzled on moving day. A little advance planning can help make your next move your smoothest one yet. Find out about online resources and front-end organizing that can help you avoid most of the stress in "10 Tips for Getting Organized Before Your Next Move."

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5 Resources for Smoother Moves

Moving truck and boxes

Don't be afraid of the moving truck. Take advantage of the support services available online and on your installation to help you kick those moving worries to the curb.

(Find support services.)

Tax papers

How many days until April 15?

Tax papers

Military OneSource is helping you count down to tax day. See how many days you have left to file your taxes and find a link to helpful hints on tax preparation and filing at Military OneSource's home page.

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Moving Allowances

Did You Know?

Department of Defense civilian employees get moving allowances, too. Learn more here.

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Monthly Focus

March is a time to get ready for changes. Military OneSource has tools and resources to help.

From Military OneSource

Eligible participants completed 48,422 state and federal tax returns using the Military OneSource tax preparation and filing software during March 2014.

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What You're Saying

What You're Saying

I have deployed several times and each time Military OneSource has been of assistance to me.

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Sponsor's Scoop

Did You Know?

Your sponsor has the scoop on your new duty station. Find out more here.

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Blog Brigade

Preparing for tax time is something you can do throughout the year so you're not completely frazzled by April 15.

Education Directory

The School-Age Directory offers information on education services for children with special needs ages 3 to 21.

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Kick Butts Day

Did You Know?

Celebrate Kick Butts Day at events around the world, and encourage youth to speak out against tobacco use.

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