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October 2014

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Relationships should be safe, respectful and positive. October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and you can help promote healthy relationships by speaking up if you or someone you know is being abused. All community members play a role in preventing domestic violence. If you have children, modeling positive relationships will help your children grow up to have healthy relationships of their own. Spread the word that abuse is never OK.
(Help promote healthy relationships)

Building Your Support Network

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In addition to your extended family and friends you've made along the way, you have a built-in support system: the military itself.

Your military support network is made up of a diverse group of people with the common mission of protecting the country. Your shared responsibilities and sacrifices create a strong community.

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A Survivor's Guide to Benefits

"A Survivor's Guide to Benefits" is newly updated and available online.

Designed with input from each branch of service and survivors, this guide provides detailed information, resources and explanations of benefits for those who have lost a service member.

Nutrition, exercise and achievement

The 2014 school year is well underway, and we want our children to enjoy learning, make good grades and achieve success. Nutrition and physical activity are linked to academic achievement, so making sure your children are healthy and active will assist them in reaching their academic goals as they make their way from elementary school to college.

(Learn about exercise and success)

The Positive Side of Deployment

Deployments are never easy for any military family, but with the right attitude, you and your family can try to focus on the positive side of deployment. Set a savings goal with the extra pay, clean out the basement or start a new hobby. With the right mindset, you will find positive and healthy ways to fill your time, deal with deployment stress and access helpful resources.

(Read about deployment's positive side)

Experience Fall in Our National Parks

No matter where you are on the map, chances are there is a national park in your neck of the woods. Squeeze in an afternoon hike or camp for the weekend.

Get out and get exploring and put yourself on the path towards physical and mental wellness. Start planning your visit today!

Reestablishing Intimacy After a Severe Injury

Communicating openly with your partner is an important step toward reestablishing intimacy after a severe injury. Be patient with your partner as it can take time to rebuild or redefine your physical and emotional relationship.

Treat your disability as part of who you are — it doesn't define you.

Support for Siblings of Family Members With Special Needs

Managing the needs of your family member with a disability along with those of your other children can be a balancing act.

Keep siblings connected by reminding them that they are important, too, and learn more tips to keep all of your children happy and healthy within the family.

Man and woman holding moving boxes

Strong Relationships During a Move

Man and woman holding moving boxes

Moving can stress even the healthiest of relationships. Teamwork, taking time for each other and getting organized are key to making your move as smooth as possible and keeping your relationship strong and positive.

Woman researching on laptop

What's New With the Army's GAT 2.0?

Woman researching on laptop

Here's a test you don't have to sweat. It's all about you! The new version of the Global Assessment Tool measures social, emotional, spiritual, family and physical strength. You'll get a RealAge® to compare to your calendar age. Take the GAT 2.0, and ace being your best you!

Bank teller with customer

Portable Careers for Military Spouses

Bank teller with customer

Bank of America, an Military Spouse Employment Partnership partner since 2010, has introduced a Job Transition Assistance Program to support military spouses in retaining their careers as they relocate with their service members. To learn more about the program, visit Bank of America Military Transition.

Military Spouse Employment Partnership logo

Military Spouse Employment Partnership Annual Events

Military Spouse Employment Partnership logo

On Dec. 3, 2014, the MSEP Induction Ceremony will take place in Washington, D.C. to welcome new companies and organizations. Later that day, MSEP partners will gather for the annual meeting at George Washington University.

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Stress can be an effective motivator or can negatively affect your health. Check out some tips for managing stress.

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Monthly Focus

In October, we are encouraging positive family communication and relationships.

Blog Brigade

Can we talk? Having pre-orders conversations can help you narrow down what's best for your family.

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What You're Saying

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Legal Support

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Mediation may help save you time and money for certain legal issues.

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Military OneSource Tips

Be ready for action. Learn how with our "How to Prepare for Disasters" podcast.

From Military OneSource

Spouse Education and Career Opportunities Career Counselor requests top Military OneSource calls.

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Healthy Move

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Get the resources you need to stay on track for a healthy and successful move.

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