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Career Exploration

New Resources for Partners and Communities

Military Spouse Employment Partnership partners and installation employment specialists: Learn about new materials you can use with military spouses who want to know more about resources available to help them reach their education and career goals.

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Education & Training

My Individual Career Plan

MySECO’s individual career plan assists military spouses in planning and achieving their education and career goals. The interactive and printable individual career plan guides, tracks and stores information spouses can use at any stage of their education and career lifecycle.

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Employment Readiness

Spouse Ambassador Network Roundtable — Jan. 22, 2014

The Spouse Ambassador Network is a committed group of Military Spouse Employment Partnership organizations working to educate, empower and mentor military spouses. In a collaborative effort to strengthen their connection and outreach to military spouses, they are sharing resources and innovative ideas to provide spouses with education and career opportunities.

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Career Connections

Military Spouse Employment Partnership Spotlight

Sears Holdings Corporation, an MSEP partner since 2005, is committed to military spouse and veteran employment and works to provide military spouses with opportunities to continue their careers with the corporation as they relocate with their military service members.

Message from the Director
Bryant family

Military Spouse Spotlight

Staffing Consultant Jene Bryant, an Army spouse, talks about her career experience with Military Spouse Employment Partnership partner Microsoft Corporation.