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Non-Medical Counseling

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With deployments, frequent moves and a fast-paced and often dangerous work environment, some service members and families feel the stress and strain of military life and the unique challenges it presents. To find out more about addressing these challenges through the wide range of counseling options available to you and your family, visit the resources, tools and articles below.


Image: Two couples drinking coffee One of the best ways to feel more in control of your life is to develop a strong network of friends, relatives, co-workers and others you can count on for support. Research has shown that having a personal support network can make it easier to cope with many common sources of stress — from dealing with minor problems at work to recovering from major surgery. Read more to learn about how to build a personal support network.

Two men talking in office The Department of Defense provides all active duty service members, active duty National Guard and reserve members, DoD civilian personnel designated as civilian expeditionary workforce members and their families with a variety of counseling services and suicide prevention programs, many of them at no cost. Read more for counseling options for service members and their families.




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