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Non-Medical Counseling

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With deployments, frequent moves and a fast-paced and often dangerous work environment, some service members and families feel the stress and strain of military life and the unique challenges it presents. To find out more about addressing these challenges through the wide range of counseling options available to you and your family, visit the resources, tools and articles below.


typing on a laptop Confidential video non-medical counseling is available on Military OneSource.

Coping With Compassion Fatigue As a service member, you are a unique target for financial scam artists. With extended time away from home on deployments and frequent moves -- as well as a steady income -- you are a perfect target for these scam artists. Agencies across the federal government are working together to fight fraud aimed at service members and veterans. While these federal agencies are committed to using all of their tools to hold these scam artists responsible, the best way to fight them is to deprive them of customers. Here are a few tips on how to protect yourself and your family.


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March 5, 2015
Latino Military Families: Current Issues
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March 4, 2015
Working to Balance Life
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