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Making the Military a Career

Sailors and Marines saluting on a ship

At the end of a first enlistment or active-duty obligation, most every service member will weigh the options of either staying in the military or leaving for civilian life. If you've recently reenlisted and or decided to make a career of the military, you and your family are probably going to encounter some new challenges as the military becomes your way of life. These articles and resources can help you and your spouse plan for career success and make the most of life in the military.


Domestic Violence Awareness Month infonet ad Domestic Violence Awareness Month, or DVAM, is observed each October to raise community awareness and highlight Department of Defense, or DoD, and civilian resources available to build healthy relationships, support victims and children, and promote offender accountability. The Family Advocacy Program, or FAP, is DoD's lead agency and part of the coordinated community response to domestic violence in the military. Check out this toolkit to learn more.

Supporting Military Families fact sheet The strength of our service members comes from the strength of their families. The Family Readiness System provides military families with a strong network of support that promotes health and well-being through a combination of Department of Defense, national, state and local resources.

Row of houses with flags on porches With all those military moves and deployments, you know a thing or two about address changes. Filling out your Federal Post Card Application will get you registered and ready to vote absentee no matter where military life takes you. Don't leave your right to vote behind.




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