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Service Providers & Leaders

Serving the military community well means having access to the best resources. Service members, military spouses and military children have unique needs in a constantly changing landscape. Make this your hub for information, documents and products that will let you extend your helping hand with confidence.


Casualty Assistance

Leaders and service members need to keep their affairs in order and know what to do when there is a casualty. Survivors may turn to you for answers, resources and contacts.

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Child Abuse and Domestic Abuse

Addressing child and domestic abuse is everyone’s responsibility. Empower the military community with the knowledge to make a difference, and review the best practices for safe solutions.

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Children, Youth and Teens

Military children are strong on their own, and special programs, tools and tips can help minimize the growing pains of military life. Get to know the resources available for military kids of all ages.

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Confidential Help

Service members and their families may need to call on confidential help services at some point in their military career. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all program, so service providers and leaders need to understand the available service options and qualifying criteria to point members of the military community in the right direction.

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Deployment is one of the most stressful periods in military life. Families and service members may face different challenges before, during and after deployment. Provide information and support through each phase with these resources.

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EFMP/Special Needs

Make sure that each careful decision that military families with special needs make is an informed decision. Communicate the universal resources available to support exceptional families and the installation- or branch-specific programs.

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K-12 and College Education

School can be a little more challenging with frequent moves and occasional family separations. Connect families with the resources they can use to streamline education from one school to the next.

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Military Family Readiness Council

Stay up to date with the Military Family Readiness Council. Review current legislation and bylaws or scan minutes from previous meetings.

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Military and Family Life Counseling Program

The Military and Family Life Counseling Program offers no-cost, confidential non-medical counseling services, briefings and presentations — both on and off the installation. Learn about the options available for the service members and military families you serve.

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Money Management

New service members, young military families and transitioning service members all have different financial questions. Offer support through each phase of military life — and the special pays and tax questions that come with them.

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Morale, Welfare and Recreation

Morale, Welfare and Recreation is essential to the resilience of the military community. When well-being is a priority, military families are strong and service members are mission-ready.

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It’s a big part of military life — the PCS. Service members and their families have their fair share of homework before that first move, so simplify their research with these resources.

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Service member holding a moving box and standing with his wife outside of their house

Parenting in the military brings all the typical parenting challenges — routines, tantrums, bullies — but military parents need additional support dealing with the topics the baby books forgot — deployment, moving and more. Give parents the tools they need to succeed.

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Personnel Accountability and Evacuation Operations

Stay calm in tense situations because you’ll know just what to do to promote safety, order and personnel accountability in the face of disaster.

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Spouse Education and Career Opportunities

The service member’s career drives the momentum of military life, so military spouses in (or hoping to enter) the workforce need strong connections for career success. Point military spouses to Spouse Education and Career Opportunities for tools to help them climb a career all their own.

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Transition Assistance

The final orders, the final move and the first job search in years are unlike any mission service members have faced in the military. Prepare service members and their families to step into civilian life.

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Voluntary Education

There’s no need for service members to wait to advance their education or acquire new skills. Introduce service members to educational opportunities that can help them now and after transitioning from the military.

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Wounded Warrior

Wounded warriors have access to well-rounded care, from physical therapy to emotional support. Each recovery plan is unique, but the support is steady. Learn about the many options available to wounded warriors, and locate resources to help you support them.

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