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Do you have questions about your legal rights or obligations? Let your installation legal assistance office help you address your concerns. They can provide you with great information or give you a referral. Use these resources, tools and articles to help you and your family understand the legal services available to you.


The Latest - Mediation When legal conflicts arise, you may be tempted to call a lawyer and settle things in court. However, there is another, less costly alternative: mediation. Mediators are trained to facilitate the discussion of differences between two parties, but do not decide who is right and who is wrong. Through mediation, people can often quickly and amiably come to an agreement.

Supporting Military Families fact sheet The strength of our service members comes from the strength of their families. The Family Readiness System provides military families with a strong network of support that promotes health and well-being through a combination of Department of Defense, national, state and local resources.

Volunteer holding "I Voted" sticker When you leave active duty, take a few simple steps to notify your local election officials of your change of status. Fill out a National Voter Registration Form to register as a civilian in your new voting location. Don't let your vote get lost in transition!


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29, 2014
Handling Marital Conflict Constructively
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12, 2014
Overview of Suicide Risk Assessment & Prevention
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