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Do you have questions about your legal rights or obligations? Let your installation legal assistance office help you address your concerns. They can provide you with great information or give you a referral. Use these resources, tools and articles to help you and your family understand the legal services available to you.


The Latest Your Legal Right to Accessible Housing Depending on your needs and abilities, your home may need specific modifications to make it accessible for daily living. Federal and state laws generally require that homes be made, or be allowed to be made, accessible for those with specific or special needs. An accessible home is one that allows its occupant to do what he or she wants and needs to do, as independently as possible.

The Latest - Individual and Family Issues April 2013 Prior to your deployment, you will have a lot of preparations to make, both military and family-related. By providing your spouse, parent or trusted friend with a power of attorney, you can help to ensure that your affairs are taken care of while you are away. A power of attorney is a written document that gives one person the authority to act on another's behalf for any legal or economic issues for a specified period of time.

Football filled with peanuts Get your self-paced health and wellness coaching through the United States Department of Agriculture SuperTracker. This website provides nutrition and exercise information as well as tracking tools for you to use as you coach yourself toward better health and well-being.


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13, 2015
Developing a Personal Asset Allocation Strategy
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14, 2015
Medicaid and Military Families: Children with Special Needs
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