MilTax: Free Tax Services for the Military

MilTax is here to support you in navigating the 2020 tax filing season. Our free e-filing software is available to service members and their families. Talk with MilTax consultants who understand military life. Don’t delay – Tax Day is just around the corner. Join the thousands who use MilTax and file fearless today.

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Getting a Tax Refund? Seven Ways You Can Put it to Good Use

Getting a tax refund may seem like free money, but it’s not. It’s money you worked hard for and are entitled to get back from the government. As you decide what to do with your refund ─ whether you are looking to help secure you financial future or otherwise ─ consider these options.

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5 Tips for Using Credit Cards Overseas

Whether you’re stationed out of the country or just traveling, plan to use your card wisely while overseas.

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Support for Financial Stresses Caused by COVID-19

The coronavirus outbreak may affect many aspects of your military life, including financial readiness. If you and your family are experiencing challenges, the Department of Defense offers a number of services to help you take control and minimize financial distress.

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Request Emergency Financial Assistance if Impacted by COVID-19

Service members and their families who have been affected financially as a result of travel restrictions, closures and other events associated with coronavirus disease 2019 can check with their service relief organization to see if emergency help is available

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Estate Planning

Estate planning offers you peace of mind by ensuring that you have your affairs in order for your loved ones in the event of your death and makes sure they are cared for according to your wishes. It can save you and your loved ones time and money.


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