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Taking care of our service members and families

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Secretary of Defense Directs a New Plan of Action

The well-being and readiness of our service members is a top priority for the Defense Department. In September 2022, Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III announced an action plan for additional support.

Changes will make military moves easier, expand opportunities for spouse employment, strengthen support for military families and ensure basic needs are met.

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Read the “Taking Care of Our Service Members and Families” memo from Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III.

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4 Priorities to Benefit Military Families

1. Securing Basic Needs

Our military families must be secure in their ability to afford the basics. In addition to the 4.6% pay increase for service members included in the president’s 2023 budget, the Defense Department will:

Automatically Increase Basic Allowance for Housing in 28 Military Housing Areas add
Fully Fund Commissaries for Further Savings add
Pay a Basic Needs Allowance add

2. Making Moves Easier

Service members and families are required to move frequently, and these moves often come with costs that strain budgets. We are easing the moving process by:

Increasing Maximum Temporary Lodging Expense Allowance add
Increasing Dislocation Allowance add
Enhancing Military OneSource Digital Services add

3. Strengthening Our Support for Families

We’re expanding support for families and making it easier to find affordable, quality child care options by:

Investing in Child Development Program Facilities add
Standardizing a Minimum 50% Fee Discount for the First Child of CDP Direct-Care Workers add
Improving Access to Child Care Programs and Resources add

4. Expanding Spousal Employment

Military spouses are the strong foundation for our service members and military families. We are expanding employment opportunities by:

Accelerating Development of Occupational Licensure Compacts add
Increasing Direct Hiring and Remote/Telework Options add
Launching a New Career Accelerator Pilot Initiative add
Increasing Partners in the Military Spouse Employment Partnership add

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