Wounded, Ill or Injured, & Their Caregivers

The military teaches its soldiers, Marines, sailors, airmen and guardians to be prepared for anything that comes their way, even serious injuries and illnesses. Military OneSource offers service members, families and caregivers a variety of services and support for The Road Ahead, including strategies for adjusting to and recovering from a serious injury or trauma, returning to work and home life, and other important issues. You can also find information and support for PTSD and traumatic brain injury. While Military OneSource does not provide direct health care services, it does offer resources and benefits for wounded, ill or injured service members, as well as their families and caregivers.

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Caregivers: Finding Peace During the Holidays

Trim the stress from your holidays with these tips for taking care of yourself during this busy season.

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Respite Care Services for Families With Special Needs
Taking care of a family member with special needs can be more than a full-time job. As a parent and/or caregiver, it’s natural to want to give your all to your loved one, but everyone needs a break, whether that’s to go to an appointment, run err...
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Home Modification Resources for Wounded Warriors

Accessibility can mean different things to different people. It can range from a wheelchair ramp and wider doorways to something as simple as a special doorbell.

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How To Deal With Stress as a Caregiver

It’s hard to avoid stress when you’re caring for a loved one with a serious injury or an ongoing wound or illness. Caregiving is an important job that can be extremely demanding.

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Wounded Warrior Programs

The military has specialized wounded warrior programs designed to help the severely ill and injured transition back to duty or civilian life. Each service branch has its own program.

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The Road Ahead at Home and Work

As a wounded warrior, you deserve the easiest possible transition from military to civilian life. A severe injury does change the way you live your life, but it does not have to change the course of your career or the quality of your home life.


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