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Adoption Specialty Consultation

Benefit overview

Military life is not a barrier to growing your family through adoption and foster care. However, some aspects of military life such as relocation and deployment may present challenges to families seeking to adopt or foster children. A Military OneSource adoption consultant can help you navigate the process.

Learn how Military OneSource provides support and resources regardless of where you are in the adoption or foster care process below. You can also call 800-342-9647 or live chat with us to get started.

How this benefit helps

Military OneSource adoption consultations can provide your family the guidance and information you need to make the adoption and foster care process go more smoothly as well as provide ongoing support for your family. Military OneSource adoption specialty consultants offer information to help families:

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Understand different types of adoption

Consultants can help you understand the different types of adoptions and assist with the type of adoption you are seeking.

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Provide basic information on adoption and foster care processes

Learn about the general process of adoption, including home studies, length of time an adoption takes and costs associated with adoption.

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Locate military-related financial assistance

Find out which adoption expenses are covered for reimbursement as well as how to take advantage of tax credits.

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Provide general information and referral and identify agencies and support groups

Consultants can provide information and referral on adoption and foster care agencies that can help with your specific adoption needs, identify support groups and share general adoption and foster care literature.

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Begin the family’s unique foster care or adoption process

Find what you need to begin the process of foster care or adoption, including information and referral to state or county licensed agencies, the Department of Child and Family Services, and/or the Department of Human Services.

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Understand parental leave benefits

Learn about the expanded military parental leave program.

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Learn about military dependent benefits

Learn how to enroll your dependent in military benefits.

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State-specific information and legal understanding of adoption and foster care

Learn about state-specific adoption and foster care requirements and identify agencies and resources.

How to access this benefit

Call Military OneSource to schedule a no-cost adoption specialty consultation at 800-342-9647. You can also view international calling options or start a live chat today. Get the answers you need to help you navigate adoption or foster care by making an appointment with a consultant today.


Active-duty, National Guard and reserve service members and their families are eligible for free, confidential adoption consultations designed to assist families with their adoption and foster care questions.

Military adoption reimbursement benefits

Thanks to the Defense Department Adoption Reimbursement Policy, eligible service members can request reimbursement up to $2,000 per child or a maximum of $5,000 per calendar year for qualifying adoption expenses.

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