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Casualty & Mortuary Affairs

The Casualty and Mortuary Affairs programs provide support to military families in their time of need.

The Casualty and Mortuary Affairs programs offer a broad range of compassionate help for families of service members who are missing, ill, injured or deceased.

They provide a casualty assistance officer or representative who assists survivors with applying for eligible benefits and entitlements, such as connecting them with grief counseling and finding a financial counselor.

The programs also help with recovery, care, preparation and disposition of remains and the personal effects of deceased service members. Eligible family members will also be offered government-funded travel to attend funeral services, or to visit a hospitalized ill or injured service member.

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Virtual Survivor Symposium: June 21

Join the Defense Department for the first virtual Survivor Symposium. Tune in to learn about survivor benefits — including how they change if you remarry, tips for keeping accounts in order and applying for death gratuity.

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