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General Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Advertising and promotion requests

Q: Can my business or organization be listed on Military OneSource as a resource for the military community?

A: Military OneSource does not provide any advertising or promotional services. All organizations listed on Military OneSource go through a three-step review process. Generally speaking, all commercial organizations listed on the site have an official agreement or contract with the Office of Military Community and Family Policy.

We recommend trying to contact some of the larger veterans service organizations and military service organizations to find out how you might work together to target the desired population. A number of nonprofits are listed on the National Resource Directory. Organizations are categorized under the Resources tab.

Joining the Military OneSource service provider network

Q: Where can I find information about becoming a Military OneSource service provider?

A: For information about the Military OneSource affiliate provider network send an email to Provider Relations.

You may also visit the Military OneSource network-specific website for clinicians.

Military identification cards and records

Q: How do I get a new military ID card?

A: For information on obtaining a military identification card and to locate the Real-time Automated Personnel Identification System site near your location, visit the Department of Defense ID Card Reference Center or the RAPIDS Site Locator.

Q: How can I obtain a copy of my military service records?

A: Military service records can be obtained by contacting the National Personnel Records Center. Requests for records can be sent to the following address:

National Personnel Records Center
1 Archives Dr.
St. Louis, MO 63138

Or, to request records telephonically or via e-mail, the following applies:

Phone: 314-801-0800
National Personnel Records Center website

Q: How can I obtain a copy of my Military OneSource records?

A: You may request a copy of your Military OneSource records through the Office of the Secretary of Defense and Joint Staff at For additional information, contact the OSD/JS FOIA Requester Service Center at 866-574-4970.

Military OneSource content

Q: May I use Military OneSource’s content on my website or in my publication?

A: Information generated by Military OneSource is in the public domain and may be reproduced, published, or otherwise used without the department’s permission unless otherwise noted. Citing Military OneSource as the source of the information is appreciated as appropriate. With respect to materials generated by entities outside of Military OneSource, permission to copy these materials, if necessary, must be obtained from the original source. For information on materials generated by external entities with DOD funding, please refer to individual component policies. This copyright notice only pertains to content on the public side of the Military OneSource website (before the login). Content behind the login is subject to copyright protection.

Q: What are the guidelines for using the Military OneSource logo?

A: For specific information about use of the Military OneSource logo, see the Media page.

Q: How do I report a broken link on Military OneSource?

A: We make every effort to keep Military OneSource up to date; however, sometimes, external web pages that Military OneSource links to are moved or removed, creating a broken link. If you come across a broken link, notify us via our Customer Support webpage. Provide the link to the article where the broken link is located along with the text associated with the broken link. Providing this information will help us to quickly locate and repair the link. We appreciate your assistance.

Hiring veterans and military spouses

Q: Can Military OneSource help get the word out about employment opportunities for veterans and military spouses?

A: We appreciate your desire to support our military service members and families; however, Military OneSource does not provide job posting services. We suggest contacting some of the larger veterans service organizations and military service organizations to help get the word out about your job opportunities. A number of organizations can be found on the National Resource Directory’s employment page.

For military spouse employment opportunities, contact the DOD’s Military Spouse Employment Partnership, a targeted recruitment and employment solution that connects military spouses with companies. For more information on the partnership, visit MySECO or call 877-940-6737.

Charitable donations

Q: Can Military OneSource recommend a reputable military-focused charity to receive my donation?

A: Since Military OneSource is a government entity, our ethics regulations and policies prohibit us from recommending organizations to receive contributions, since that would constitute a DOD endorsement of a non-federal entity. The National Resource Directory maintains a list of organizations that meet certain criteria and provide a variety of support and services to our military and veteran communities. We recommend visiting the National Resource Directory for more information.

As with any charitable endeavors, we strongly recommend that donors practice due diligence by researching organizations before making contributions. Sites like GuideStar provide nonprofit financial information.

YMCA Department of Defense Outreach Initiative

Q: Where can I find information and forms for the YMCA Department of Defense Outreach Initiative?

A: Eligibility information for the Department of Defense Armed Services YMCA Military Outreach Initiative is available on the ASYMCA website.

Military OneSource eligibility

Q: Why are military retirees not eligible for services provided by Military OneSource?

A: Military retirees and those service members discharged under honorable or general under honorable conditions are eligible for services provided by Military OneSource for up to 365 days after their retirement date, end of tour date, or discharge date. There are also programs to support veterans and military retirees available through the Veterans Benefits Administration and the retirement services program at military installations. To locate contact information for a Retirement Services office near your location, visit MilitaryINSTALLATIONS.

Q: Why is the Coast Guard not listed as a branch of the service on Military OneSource?

A: Although the Coast Guard is considered a branch of the U.S. military services, only service branches with unconditional eligibility to receive Military OneSource’s services are listed under Branch of Service on Military OneSource. As a DOD-funded program, Military OneSource’s services are only available to members of the Coast Guard when activated as part of the Department of the Navy under Title 10 authority, or after separation or retirement, from their separation date until 365 days past end of tour of service. During the Title 10 activation period and after separation or retirement, Coast Guard service members and their families become eligible for all Military OneSource services. When not activated as part of the Department of the Navy, Coast Guard service members and their families can receive similar services to those offered by Military OneSource through CG SUPRT, a program offered by the Coast Guard. Visit the CG SUPRT website or call 855-CGSPRT toll free. All information and available resources on the Military OneSource website can be accessed by Coast Guard service members and their spouses.

Military OneSource products

Q: How can I download Chill Drills?

A: The Chill Drills app is available to download for free on Google Play and the App Store. Once downloaded, you can listen to and enjoy the simple audio mindfulness exercises 24/7 without needing internet access. You can also calm your mind and relax by streaming Chill Drills on the Military OneSource website. Read De-Stress and Relax With Chill Drills by Military OneSource to learn more about Chill Drills and for links to download the app.

Q: Do you have an app for service providers?

A: Yes. The MilProvider app allows service providers to easily access and share Military OneSource resources, products and materials with those they support. Read MilProvider Mobile App Eases Resources Sharing for Service Providers to learn more and for links to download the app.

Non-medical Counseling

Q: Why am I being denied access to non-medical counseling through Military OneSource?

A: Military OneSource’s confidential non-medical counseling services are considered out of scope and not suitable for individuals with specific types of medically diagnosed conditions or those who have been, and are currently prescribed certain psychoactive medications. Individuals who are currently receiving therapy with other practitioners or who are involved in Family Advocacy Program cases, as well as those undergoing fitness-for-duty evaluations and court-ordered counseling are also ineligible. Scope of service and eligibility criteria are defined by the current program guidelines. Any changes involving eligibility for non-medical counseling services will be posted on Military OneSource.

Q: If I was treated for post-traumatic stress disorder last year, but I am no longer being treated, can I receive non-medical counseling through Military OneSource or a military and family life counselor for a different issue?

A: If a service member or family member no longer has a diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder, he or she may meet with a Military OneSource counselor or a military and family life counselor. Such circumstances are considered on a case-by-case basis.

Scams and impersonation of U.S. service members

Q: What can I do if I believe I am the target of a scam or I suspect a scam involving impersonation fraud of a U.S. service member?

A: If you believe you have been targeted, you have been a victim of a scam or you suspect someone of impersonating a U.S service member, contact one of the military investigative agencies listed below. You can also file a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center.

Army Criminal Investigative Command
Phone: 844-276-9243

Marine Corps and Navy
Naval Criminal Investigative Services
Phone: 800-264-6485, for general crimes and fraud

Air Force
Air Force Office of Special Investigations
Phone: 877-246-1453 to find the AFOSI location nearest you

Military OneSource Account

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Additional Questions

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