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I am a Family With Special Needs

Find the services and support you need to help your family with special needs overcome challenges and thrive.

Caring for a family member with special needs requires a unique set of considerations and additional responsibilities to fulfill your role as a caregiver and help your family thrive. This may involve seeking specialized child care services, managing medical care, navigating complex housing arrangements and managing financial strain.

You do not have to handle these challenges alone.

Military OneSource offers a range of resources to support families with special needs, including assistance with special education, financial planning, child care and much more. We can connect you to resources and services, workshops, warm handoffs, and ongoing non-clinical case management support to achieve goals based on the needs of your family.

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Your partner in exceptional family support website.

The Education Directory for Children With Special Needs

If you are looking for information about education and early intervention services, check out this website.

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If you are a single parent service member caring for a family member with special needs we recommend:

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