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Thank You, Teachers and Child Care Providers

Child care providers

The Defense Department is committed to supporting the overall well-being of service members, military families and veterans. Our teachers, child care staff and Family Child Care providers are the heart and hands of this foundational support system for military families. They are at the ready with education and mentoring, care giving, counseling or just being there to lend a caring hand or an ear.

Our teachers, professional staff and child care providers care for and provide instruction, guidance and activities for our military-connected children, youth and teens — so they can learn, grow and have fun from birth to adulthood.

About Provider Appreciation Day

Provider Appreciation Day is an annual celebration to recognize the work of child care providers, teachers and other educators of young children.

The Defense Department and Office of Military Community and Family Policy have expanded our thank you to all teachers, child care staff and FCC providers who give their time, attention and skills to helping the military community thrive.

Celebrate with us

Please join us in celebrating Service Provider Appreciation Day on May 10, 2024 — and thanking teachers, child care staff and Family Child Care providers across all programs on your installation for their dedication and service in helping to ensure our military community has the information, resources and services they need to live their best lives — mission ready and force strong.

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