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New MilParent Specialty Consultation

Benefit overview

When it comes to being or becoming a new parent, there may be times when you need to call in backup.

Military OneSource is here for you with the New MilParent specialty consultation — which provides free, confidential help so you can get the resources you need to tackle parenting challenges.

Professionally trained consultants can provide individualized support on a wide range of topics.

How this benefit helps

Eligible service members and spouses include expectant parents and parents of children up to age 5. You have access to an unlimited number of free sessions by phone or video chat with consultants who understand children and military life.

Some of the topics New MilParent consultants can help you with, include:

  • Developing a routine for your child
  • Reducing parental stress
  • Learning the benefits of regular self-care
  • Exploring best-sleep practices for you and your child
  • Understanding developmental milestones
  • Preparing for parenting through deployment and preparing young children for separation
  • Finding child care options
  • Managing difficult behaviors
  • Connecting and communicating with your partner
  • Preparing for preschool
  • Exploring emotional growth, increasing confidence and regression in toilet training
  • Connecting with your partner after your baby arrives
  • Navigating single parenthood
  • Strengthening and expanding your parenting network
  • Learning techniques for effective parenting when both parents are on active duty
  • Discovering community and branch-specific resources

How to access this benefit

Call Military OneSource 24/7 at 800-342-9647, or start a live chat to schedule your New MilParent session.

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