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Navigate civilian and military life with resources, support and tools, all easily accessible no matter where you live.

As a reservist, you have one foot in the military community and one in the civilian world. The Defense Department and Military OneSource offer resources, tools and support to help you navigate both, even if you live far from an installation.

Find information about joining the military as a reservist and transitioning to the reserve component from active duty. Explore the benefits available to you, including part-time pay, skills training, health care coverage and more. As a member of the reserve, you are also eligible for support and services from Military OneSource, such as financial counseling, stress management and non-medical counseling.

Questions about the reserves? We have answers for you.

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Official Military OneSource Websites


If you are looking for installation-specific information, check out this website.

MilLife Learning

If you are interested in online courses for the military community, check out this website.

Plan My Deployment

If you are scheduled to deploy in the near future, check out this website.

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