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See What’s New With the Exceptional Family Member Program

The Department of Defense Office of Special Needs is committed to helping families with special needs thrive in military life. The Exceptional Family Member Program does this through identification and enrollment (Medical), assignment coordination (Medical and Military Personnel) and family support. The more families understand how EFMP works across these three parts, the better their experience can be.

Each branch of service has its own mission and history with EFMP. However, there has been a continual focus on enhancing EFMP to establish more standard procedures across the services to make it easier for families to find what they need, when they need it. We can minimize misperceptions and increase satisfaction by helping families understand how the system works and what to expect.

Recent enhancements led by OSN to improve the family experience through greater understanding of the role of each component within EFMP while expanding EFMP Family Support resources include:

EFMP & Me Tool

EFMP & Me — a new online tool to provide families direct access to information and resources in each of the three components.

  • Offers 24/7 access, at home or on the go, through a digital application.
  • Provides family members with a tailored, streamlined and supportive digital experience to locate guidance and information when and where needed.
  • Gives service providers and military leaders an additional information source to use and to recommend to families.

Improved Communication With Families

EFMP Family Support focuses on sharing information with families to better support them and help them improve their self-advocacy skills.

  • EFMP Family Support Feedback Tool— Provides a mechanism for families to give feedback about their recent experience with installation EFMP Family Support. This feedback will help OSN and the military services with program improvement and policy development.
  • New brand and improved messaging — Communicates clearly and effectively that EFMP is evolving to better meet the needs of service providers and families. Service providers and leaders can get out the message to families with the helpful tools and resources in the EFMP brand toolkit.
  • EFMP/SPECIAL NEEDS provides additional tools and information for service providers and leaders who support military families with special needs.

Exceptional Advocate Newsletter

The Exceptional Advocate is a newsletter for military families with special needs and those who support them. Published quarterly, the Exceptional Advocate focuses on updates and information from EFMP.

Office of Special Needs EFMP podcast series

Tune in to this podcast series from the Office of Special Needs, where subject matter experts share information and resources of interest to military families with special needs members. Listen at your convenience to a range of topics including education, PCS moves, long-term and financial planning, deployment and much more. Get to know EFMP & Me and how it can help you and your family member with special needs overcome challenges and thrive in military life.

Learn more about the EFMP & Me tool and other program highlights to help your family or to share with other families with special needs. Contact your nearest installation EFMP Family Support provider or contact Military OneSource special needs consultants for free and confidential special needs consultations to help you navigate services for your family. You can schedule appointments 24/7 by live chat or calling 800-342-9647, or check out OCONUS calling options.

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