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Exceptional Family Member Program Family Support

Benefit overview

Exceptional Family Member Program Family Support provides information, resources, skills and support to help military families with special needs navigate their systems of care. As families gain confidence, they become effective advocates for themselves and their family members, improving the quality of life.

How this benefit helps

EFMP Family Support helps service members and their families identify and access programs and services. This includes, but isn’t limited to, the following:

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Empowering families

EFMP Family Support helps families on the path to empowerment by providing information and referral services, non-medical case management, training and other forms of support, such as opportunities for families to connect around a common need or concern

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Providing relocation guidance

EFMP Family Support can help relocating families pinpoint and navigate formal programs and services and informal supports, which may have a different title in the new state or fall under a different agency.

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Filling knowledge gaps

EFMP Family Support can help bridge gaps in programs, services and support, and help families understand what’s offered, how to determine eligibility and how to apply for benefits and entitlements.

Get information and referrals

Information and referral includes:

  • Helping families determine which community resources are appropriate to meet their needs
  • Helping families effectively access resources, services and programs
  • Following up to verify that families have connected with support services
  • Checking with families about the effectiveness of resources
  • Helping families work with TRICARE and access the extended care health option when appropriate.

About non-clinical case management

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Non-clinical case management involves:

  • Providing information and referrals to families and the people who help them make informed decisions and navigate resources.
  • Working together to improve families’ quality of life by assisting the family with developing a Family Services Plan (this doesn’t involve medical treatment coordination or follow-up).

Access EFMP Family Support

Reach EFMP Family Support by visiting or calling your local installation, or by contacting Military OneSource at 800-342-9647 and asking for a referral to a special needs consultant.

You can also contact Military OneSource special needs consultants who are available to help you navigate services for your family and connect you with military and community-based support.

You can schedule an appointment by calling 800-342-9647, by live chat or phone. Appointments are available seven days a week. One call or chat puts you in touch with a wealth of support.

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