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Resources for Financial Stress

Get the 4-1-1 on how to use military benefits and tools to ease your worries and reach your financial goals.

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Cutting corners to stretch your paycheck? Your Basic Allowance for Housing not covering the rent? Spending more to buy even less food? You’re not alone. Inflation and costs related to military life are pinching budgets. Help is here in one place so you can take charge to make ends meet and reduce financial stress.

Choose the topic, based on your situation, to access military benefits and services to help improve your quality of life.

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Need immediate relief?

Because life happens, you may be making tough choices. Buy food or medicines? Skip meals? Pay one bill but not another? Maybe your temporary housing allowance ended before you found affordable housing. Find the resources you need now to stay afloat.

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Plan ahead to reach your goals

Do you keep a budget in your head but aren’t able to stick to it? Paying some bills late? Everyone faces financial pressures at some point. Use these military-approved resources to help take control of your budget, improve your credit score, build an emergency fund and manage money with confidence.


Resources to secure financial well-being

Everyone’s situation is different. The pandemic strained many people’s finances, making it harder to afford housing, food and child care. For others, everyday costs make it hard to save for college or retirement. Use these free resources to secure or reclaim your economic security.

For when you need help immediately:

Planning resources to help you reach your goals:

Resources for specific situations

Sometimes it takes just one thing to upset your budget. Remember that your military benefits offer you support to take on potential budget busters, whether it’s a move, child care expenses or education or training costs for MilSpouses.

The Money Side of a PCS

Have an upcoming PCS? Learn how you can protect your finances and find secure housing even in the face of rising rents, home prices and interest rates.

Paying for Child Care

The Defense Department knows that child care is a critical support for military families and provides MilFamilies like yours with quality, affordable options.

MilSpouse’s Corner

Whether you want to maximize your family’s military benefits or boost your career prospects, MilSpouses can find a range of personalized support to reach your goals.

See how leadership has your six

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A military family's economic security is critical to mission readiness. See the changes leadership is making to support you and your family:

Let’s talk about it
Talking to someone about your financial challenges can be a big help. We get the MilLife, and we’re here 24/7 to connect you to personalized coaching and confidential counseling.

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