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Navy Component Emergency Contact Information

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Navy Family Accountability and Assessment System (NFAAS)

Emergency Number: 1-877-414-5358
TDD: 1-866-297-1971
Website: Navy Family Accountability and Assessment System Additional
Additional Information: NFAAS standardizes a method for the Navy to account, manage, and monitor the recovery process for personnel and their families affected and/or scattered by a wide-spread catastrophic event.
Date Submitted: 10/20/2015


HQ U.S. Southern Command/J15

Component Emergency Number:1-877-291-1604
Date Submitted: 3/8/2011


Strike Group Oceanography Team

Component Emergency Number: (757) 470-9811
Date Submitted: 4/29/2010

Special Operations


Component Emergency Number: 1-877-211-0302
Component Website: United States Special Operations Command
Date Submitted: 6/28/2010



Component Emergency Number: (315) 243-7416 or (315) 243-7847
Component Website: Submarine Group 7
Additional Information: DSN 315-243-7416
Date Submitted: 3/12/2010


NS Rota

Component Emergency Number: DSN (314) 727-1564
Additional Information:The commercial number to call from US is 011-34-956-82-1564 or 011-34-956-82-4398
Component Website: Naval Station Rota
Date Submitted: 6/10/2010