As a military spouse, you are part of a strong, proud military community that counts more than five million warriors, family members and caregivers around the world. Whether you are new to the military community or a long-time contributing member, Military OneSource is with you through thick and thin. We help you make sense of the lingo, find jobs and get the most from your benefits.


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Woman working in home office hand on keyboard close up
Couple saying goodbye before a deployment.
Service member holds his daughter and kisses his wife at homecoming ceremony
Military spouses and personnel compete in a corn eating contest
Two women in a coffee shop lifting coffee mugs to cheers.
A medical examiner and a boy laugh during an exam
Group of woman spouses
Silhouette of woman running
Service member proposes to his girlfriend after returning from deployment.
A military spouse looks out a KC-135 Stratotanker window during takeoff as part of a spouse familiarization flight
Smiling woman takes notes during a conversation
Husband and wife in uniform
Man’s hand on worship book
Service member husband and wife renew their vows
Wife pins insignia on military husband
Bride and groom on a carriage ride
Military woman hugs her husband
Couple kissing on landing strip
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