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State Consultants Offer Local Support

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Need to connect with financial, health, employment or other services in your local community? Military OneSource’s state consultants bring help directly to you, offering outreach services to support members of the military community when and where they need it most.

While many Military OneSource services are easily accessed with just a phone call or a click, state consultants can help if you need more in-depth information or support in your own backyard.

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What state consultants do

State consultants operate in every state and Puerto Rico. They work with service members, families, military leadership, and military and civilian service providers to make sure the needs of the military community are met. State consultants:

  • Provide need-based information and referral services to improve the quality of life and readiness of service members, their families and survivors.
  • Educate service members, their families and survivors on Military OneSource resources and services through small group informational sessions, which can be held in collaboration with other service providers.
  • Develop and execute state support plans to ensure broad awareness of Military OneSource and its resources including financial, behavioral health, education, employment, health and wellness, and support for deployment and military life. Network with local service providers to raise understanding of the military community’s needs.
  • Support local events with presentations and resource tables to educate on the services available through the Military OneSource call center and website.

How state consultants provide local support

State consultants provide information about Military OneSource’s services in many ways:

  • Event support such as deployment events, family days or other large-group activities for service and family members.
  • Presentations at community meetings such as Joining Community Forces.
  • Webinars and website tours for service providers, service members and/or family members.
  • Small-group meetings of fewer than 50 service and/or family members. This is great for an in-depth look at a specific topic.

Who is eligible to receive outreach services?

Outreach services support service members, their families, survivors and military leaders from all branches and components, as well as military and civilian service providers working within the military population.

Military OneSource state consultants and outreach assistants are available in every state and territory. Request state support online, or connect with your state consultant at 800-342-9647 to find out what resources and services are available through Military OneSource. OCONUS? View calling options.

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