Get Military Discounts on Vacations Through American Forces Travel

There’s a convenient, online leisure travel booking website created for members of the U.S. military community: American Forces Travel.

American Forces Travel is designed to be a one-stop travel booking site. A joint service initiative, it offers military discounts and helps fund other current and future MWR programs.

Find vacation deals with American Forces Travel.

Find great vacation savings while supporting your favorite MWR programs with American Forces Travel – give it a try.

Find discounts for hotels, rental cars, flights and cruises with American Forces Travel

American Forces Travel lets service members and their families book their leisure travel and vacations completely online, and at a discount, through its service provider, Priceline Group, Inc. Potential bookings include:

  • Flights inside and outside the U.S.
  • Hotels all around the world
  • Rental cars
  • Cruises and vacation packages
  • No-fee tickets for concerts, sporting and theater events through Secondary Ticket Marketplace

Military travelers using American Forces Travel are experiencing significant savings. By booking through American Forces Travel, users get up to:

  • 60% off hotel rooms
  • 80% savings on cruise packages
  • $10-18 per-day discounts on car rentals

In general, military community members booking through American Forces Travel enjoy lower booking fees, have a best price guarantee and get deals on prepaid car rental rates.

Priceline will not charge for bookings or cancelations. While Priceline is waiving all Priceline fees, suppliers may have their own fees, terms and conditions.

Support MWR programs through American Forces Travel

Beyond offering travel discounts, American Forces Travel can help members of the military community find many relaxing, fun ways to recharge and stay mission ready.

That’s because anything booked through American Forces Travel earns a commission that goes directly to MWR programs around the world, at no cost to you. That money helps pay for services you already use, like outdoor recreation, pools, parks and workshops on your installation.

American Forces Travel eligibility

Anyone who can use MWR programs and services can use American Forces Travel, including active duty military, Guard and Reserve, U.S. Coast Guard, retired military, eligible family members and more. For a full list of eligible patrons, click “Who is Eligible” on the American Forces Travel webpage.

To verify your eligibility, the website will check the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System. Once you are approved, you can book your next vacation to anywhere in the world, while supporting the MWR programs on your installation. Consider American Forces Travel when arranging your leisure travel.

American Forces Travel is the only official MWR leisure travel site and it is supported under contract by