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Rekindle, Repair or Reset Your Relationship

Meet your relationship goals with help made for the MilLife.

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Every relationship could use help from time to time — and military life carries its own unique challenges. Whether you're a military couple looking to reinvigorate your bond, rebuild connections or retool your relationship skills – we're here to help and support. Join the thousands of people who have found more rewarding, more resilient relationships with our services, resources and expert guidance.

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Military OneSource is your free 24/7 gateway to information, answers and support. As a Department of Defense-funded program, we put expert confidential help to work for service members, immediate family and survivors who need a little extra guidance for all things MilLife. Just ask.
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Ideas to Renew Your Relationship

Refresh, rekindle, reinvigorate…discover simple steps, tools and drills you can use to bring the two of you closer together. Better yet, they’re made with the military in mind, to help you strengthen your relationship as you move through your MilLife.

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Get Personalized Counseling

Every relationship is different. That’s why we offer personalized coaching and counseling to service members and their partners. You choose the level of help you want, and how you want to access it. Call or chat with us now to talk about resources.

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Work Through Challenges Big and Small

From fresh ideas for better communications, to a proven relationship tool, to confidential counseling for troubled relationships — we’ve been able to help. Think you could benefit from someone to talk to? Give us a call and let’s see how we can help.


Our Best Resources

Love Every Day

Get personalized text messages for 21 days to help foster a renewed sense of connection.

What is Relationship Coaching Like?

Learn about deepening your relationship with one-on-one coaching, tools, skill-builders and more.

Maintaining Marriage During Deployment

Learn to strengthen and protect your “we” when you’re apart.

Have you had success reworking a relationship?

Encourage other military couples with your story of relationship repair.

Resources for Every Relationship Stage

Let’s talk about it.
Talking to someone about your challenges can be a big help. We get the MilLife and we’re here 24/7 to connect you to the right kind of expert guidance — from quick answers about specific issues, to personalized coaching, to confidential counseling.

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Note: Relationship support is most effective when both partners are committed to working together. These resources and services are not recommended for couples with a history of domestic abuse, or for partners seeking help for a relationship with patterns of control or violence. Exceptions to privacy include suspected harm to self or others. Learn more.

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