This page is an online centralized place for content for all professionals involved in the prevention and response to Problematic Sexual Behavior in Children and Youth across the military community. The Department of Defense has provided direct links for all training, fact sheets, guides and other learning opportunities to enhance your professional understanding and skills in working with children, youth and families impacted by PSB-CY.

Materials include those developed by the DOD, as well as external organizations. While training may not be mandatory, it is strongly recommended to provide support that is trauma-informed, aligned with the current evidence and developmentally attuned.


Problematic sexual behavior in children and youth is defined as behavior, initiated by children younger than 18, that involves using sexual or private body parts in a manner that is developmentally inappropriate or potentially harmful to the individual or individuals impacted by the behavior.

A new DOD policy expands the responsibility of the Family Advocacy Program to address PSB-CY. This change in policy allows the program to support families whose children or adolescents have exhibited, or been impacted by concerning or problematic sexual behavior, and convene a multidisciplinary team to manage the coordinated community response and recommend a safe way forward for all involved.

For Parents – Understanding Child Sexual Development and Concerning Sexual Behaviors

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