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Military Youth and Teen Programs

Military Youth and Teen Programs help thousands of military kids and teens daily to develop essential skills, make lasting connections and have loads of fun. Participating youth experience a safe place to learn, play and grow; are surrounded by supportive relationships with caring mentors; and most of all, enriched program experiences and activities year-round, including during summer breaks, holidays and before and after school hours.

Youth centers

Active-duty service members, activated National Guard and reserve members and Department of Defense civilians may all take advantage of an installation’s youth center services. Be prepared for a new experience as each youth center varies. Encourage your youth to give the new center a try. It may offer things that your old center did not, such as:

  • Computer labs for homework support and tutoring
  • Special field trips 
  • Gymnasiums for supervised sports 
  • Fitness rooms 
  • Music rooms 
  • Game rooms 
  • Volunteer and employment listings 

Military-connected youth program outreach support in the community

If your closest military installation youth/teen center is not be conveniently located near your home or duty station, you can still benefit from other military youth and teen programs in your area: 

  • Check out the 4-H Military Partnerships at 4-H offers a wealth of resources in STEM subjects, healthy living, citizenship, public speaking and other military core program areas providing valuable life skills, curriculum and resources for military youth and teens across the country and around the world. 

Installation Program Directory

Find programs and services at your local installation.