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Making Funeral and Final Arrangements

Your casualty assistance officer or mortuary officer is there to assist you with making funeral and final arrangements in honor of your loved one’s service and sacrifice. He or she can provide you with available interment options (placing decedent in a grave, urn or above-ground burial site) provided by the Department of Defense and Department of Veterans Affairs.

The CAO or mortuary officer will help with the government entitlements and reimbursements for the costs of these services. When a service member dies on active duty, the DOD will pay the funeral and interment expenses, which also includes the following benefits:

Feeling lost in grief?

Receive the support you and your family need while coping with grief and loss with the following resources:

  • Preparation of remains
  • Casketing and inurning
  • Dressing
  • Transportation
  • Interment in a Department of Veterans Affairs- or DOD-administered national cemetery, military service-administered cemetery, state or private cemetery

In a Department of Veterans Affairs- or Department of Defense-administered national cemetery, or military service-administered cemetery, the government will provide a headstone, vault, and opening and closing of the grave or niche.

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